Foster Hero Story: Meet Tara, Beth & her kitties

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Tara fostered Beth, a cat that was in much need of socialization. Tara had no idea that a delightful surprise was in the future which would further strengthen Tara and Beth’s bond. Read on for a very heartwarming story!

Tara, why did you decide to foster Beth?

Beth was a socialization foster cat that came to the Cat Adoption Team (CAT)* in Portland, Oregon, through another shelter. I had just taken the socialization training class at CAT and was eager to practice my new skills.

(*CAT has a nationally recognized foster program, offering workshops, webinars, and an apprenticeship for animal shelter employees and volunteers called Fostering for Rock Stars)

What was your experience fostering Beth?

This particular foster experience stands out in many ways. First, it’s been rewarding to watch a kitty that came to us curled up in a ball hidden under a blanket transform into a kitty who starts purring and rolls over onto her back the moment we enter the room. It has taken a lot of work & persistence to get to this point but once you do it feels awesome!

Second, what started out as a planned two-week socialization foster turned into a much different experience when we realized that Beth was pregnant! Having her trust us through labor and with her newborn kittens makes me feel so much gratitude.

Snuggle babies! Beth with her adorable kittens.

Wow, tell us more about that experience!

Chilling with mommy!

Beth and I really bonded during her labor. She seemed scared at times (and to be honest I was a little scared too), but we would lock eyes and she would calm down. She wanted me in the room with her and that made me feel honored that she wanted me to share her experience with me.

Who supports your foster volunteering and how?

It is definitely a team effort and everyone in the family helps out with feeding and taking care of the kittens, and of course, playing with

What advice would you give to first-time foster pet parents? 

If you’re thinking about doing it just go for it! There are so many people to support you during the experience, from the foster coordinators to your mentor.

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