Foster Hero Story: Meet Carolina & her foster kitties

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Carolina and her family have been fostering many kittens varying in ages 0-8 months. This is certainly a huge effort because bottle babies and some kitties with special needs require good TLC. Learn how Carolina and her family are teaming up to make a huge difference by fostering!

Sweet kitties cozying up with Carolina (see side & on lap)

What made you decide to foster?

Some kittens were too young to go up for adoption at the shelter. One has a leg that needed amputation so I will be fostering him until he is healed from his amputation.

What was your experience fostering the kitties?

I love fostering! It is one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve ever had. Seeing these little guys thrive, grow, and learn is amazing. In the past, I lost Callie due to kitten syndrome and I am still recovering from the trauma. It was horrible to see her die like that.

I love the fact that my kittens leave my home so friendly and full of love. It’s because my family and I put so much effort into getting them as socialized as possible. They are part of my family from the day they get here to the day they leave. I cry every time one goes home. They take a piece of my heart with them. Every time!

Who supports your foster volunteering and how?

My daughter, Selest, has always been my right hand. Without her, I wouldn’t be able to foster so many kittens. My entire family works together to make these tiny treasures remarkable

“Mommy’s shoulder if so comfy, zzzzz…..”

What advice would you give to first-time foster pet parents? 

Make a schedule. Have fun with it and know it’s all worth it.

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