Foster Hero Story: Meet Donna & Jocelyn

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Donna met Jocelyn, a feral, shy kitten just a few weeks old and took her in to foster. Learn how Donna patiently brought Jocelyn’s loving and playful side to life!

What was your experience fostering?

Jocelyn was a singleton, feral, and wanted nothing to do with me. She hid in a box in a far corner of my 4’x6’x6’ tall enclosure. First, it was put down some food near to her and just sit on the floor – the furthest point away – and not look at her.

Well, hunger is a motivator so she would come out to eat. Little by little I moved the food closer to me. Still not looking at her, I eventually put the food on my outstretched legs. Yes, she climbed up to eat. Soon, I could gently touch her while she ate.

Go away, I’m sleeping!

What happened after Jocelyn came out of her shell?

She also started to play with wand toys. After a while she forgot I was there and would run across, and onto my legs, to play. When we started to look at each other, even when she was on my lap, I knew everything had changed.

And, when she started to ask for pets, in that way kittens/cats have of butting their heads under your hand…well, another milestone! By the end of the third week, Jocelyn would plop on her back on my lap for rubs all over her body. She loved me, and I loved her!

Good morning, is it time to play?

Who was amazing about this experience and what happened to Jocelyn after you fostered?

Fostering ferals requires a lot of thought and patience. But, it is SO rewarding when they learn to love. Jocelyn found a forever home and was successfully adopted.

What support did you get and do you have any advice for first-time foster pet parents? 

Find advisors (other foster folks, people at the shelter). Trust your gut! The local animal shelter pretty much supports me, although it is unfortunate that we have to pay for non-medical supplies. I did start a fund for food at my local pet supply store. Friends drop off money for the food too.

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