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a picture of Meira a dog that needs a foster home.

Location: Yulee, FL

Age: 3 years, 4 months

Posted on: 4/28/2022

Posted by: Individual

Meira urgently needs a foster home

Why is fostering needed?

We are escaping a violent situation and need a safe place for our dogs till we secure a lease. We fear they will be hurt if we have to run without them

How long is fostering needed for?

A few months

Other notes

Meira is my roommates ESA (prescription). Meira has been with my roommate for 3 years now and has honestly saved her life more than once. I’ve been working with meira to help with some fear aggression/protectiveness she got protecting my roommate, as well as being beat by a man. She is one of the best dogs I know. She’s super cuddle once she understands you’re a safe person and is the kindest dog. Having raised multiple kittens and puppies. She’s gentle with small animals and we’ve noticed very gentle with the elderly and disabled people (such as myself). She’s very bonded to her owner and me. Protecting us from the big bads. As well as our stormy emotions. She brings sunshine into this house. She loves playing fetch and walks, and is quick to snuggles for bed. In the house she is very quiet, save for howling at sirens. Her happiest place is by her owner, sleeping or cuddling. While inside she has very appropriate manners and for the most part leaves everything alone. But sometimes is tempted by the garbage. Once outside she loves to run and play. We usually have her out on a 20-50ft leash in an open field to play. We usually introduce her in a muzzle, which she wears perfectly fine. She has never bitten anyone but can look very scary. So we take every precaution to make sure introductions go smoothly. She has been getting much better. We love her. She’s our family. She’s my roommates reason for living and has been for years. We work with her everyday on her fears and take our time with her. She’s worth every moment.

Low energy, house trained, fear aggressive with men, very good with cats (raised a litter of kittens), appropriate with other dogs but will correct bad behavior, howls at sirens, fear of men, biggest cuddle bug

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