Foster Hero Story: Meet Kelly & Mooma

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Being fostered helped this kitten keep her eye.

Kelly, why did the pet Mooma need foster care?

This sweet 4 month old kitten had an eye infection that had been resistant to treatment. Mooma needed someone who could give her two different eye drops 5 times per day. If we couldn’t get the infection to clear her eye may have needed to be removed! This medication schedule would have been too hard to do in the shelter.

I am a stay at home mom that homeschools her kids. Being home most of every day, we could give meds as often as Mooma needed.

Why do you choose to foster ?

I would love to have a home full of cats but that just isn’t something that is practical. As a foster parent I am able to have many different cats come through my door at different times.

I love taking the sick cats because I can spend more one on one time with them than they would receive at the shelter. I think it makes such a difference in getting them well.Sure, it can be challenging when they are sick as well, I care for them as much as my own cats and I worry so much when they aren’t doing well. Once they turn the corner it can be such a relief.

My kids have been able to spend a lot of time with the cats and kittens as well – we love that!

My kids read to Mooma!

How were you able to be a “hero” to Mooma ?

We were able to save her eye!   Mooma was able to keep her eye because I take her into their home and give her meds as often as she needed.  

What advice would you give to first-time foster pet parents?

Take an easy case first, even I didn’t want to wait for an easy case but trust the people assigning the cases. Don’t take something you don’t feel comfortable with. Most of all, no question is a stupid question. Always ask!!!

And know that it is hard to say goodbye when they get adopted but if you are able to get an update from the adopter it makes it all worth it.

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