Foster Hero Story: See Hannah’s Fabulous Foster Album

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Hannah and her, now, 12 year-old son have fostered over 250 dogs
(and some kittens too) Why does she do it ?

I love showing my now 12 yr old son how we can give back and help him educate his friends on how they can volunteer and help a dog in their community.

Why do you foster, Hannah?

I just felt called to volunteer and feel it is my responsibility as a good human to give back. I initially started fostering only pit bulls as this was the breed who needed it the most. The shelter was over run with them and not many fosters wanted to take on this breed.

I mostly prefer adult dogs and mostly do more severe behavior cases. The dogs that are shut down at the shelter and need to have their behavior assessed prior to adoption. I love seeing the change in the dog’s faces even from the moment we get in the car.

I am able to provide a place to see a different side of dogs and this often means they are able to be adopted into the perfect home versus sitting in a shelter and having their behavior decline.

Who in your family or community supports your foster volunteering and how?

My best friend and neighborhood have been a huge support to me. They allow me to offer different socialization opportunities and they also have become approved foster homes to assist in dog sitting.

What advice would you give to first-time foster ?

It is very rewarding to save a life and there is a large network of people to support you.

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