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a picture of Tuscan a cat that needs a foster home.

Location: Tempe, AZ

Age: 2 years, 5 months

Posted on: 9/6/2023

Posted by: Individual

Tuscan urgently needs a foster home

Why is fostering needed?

I recently lost housing due to a job loss and I definitely want to keep my pets. But until I get a new job and figure out my new housing situation, I need temporary care for my pets. I have one young adult dog and two young adult cats. If there are any fosters in your database that would be willing to care for my pets, please let me know. It’s urgent. I am happy to pay for their food, supplies, and vet visits. But that’s all I can afford after my job loss right now. The cats need to stick together because they’re a bonded pair so my dog can be with them if the foster parent is willing to take all 3 or my dog can be separate. My dog’s super friendly, he loves to be around people more anyway.
I do plan and fully intend on keeping my pets permanently. This is just an unfortunate and unforeseen circumstance that I am not and I am seeking help and support from fosters to provide temporary care for my kids. They mean the world to me, even more than my blood-related family, and I can never give them up. They’re my reason and motivation to work harder and be a better human being and provider to them. I am going to make sure that I regain stability in my life so I could give them the world again.

How long is fostering needed for?

A few months

Other notes

Tuscan and Cleo are a bonded pair and they need to stay together. Tuscan is a shy and vocal but sweet boy. He loves to play when you initiate it. He loves to cuddle too but he needs to come to you on his own. He can’t be forced or motivated to do anything. If you even accidentally let him outside, he develops behavioral issues. Right now he’s good but whenever my father used to carelessly let him out into the backyard, he would demand to go out more and he’d come back with more issues. So please strictly keep both my cats indoors. He can’t go a day without Cleo. He also thrives when he has the whole living space to himself. He gets very stressed if he’s placed in one room. He loves to play fight with Cleo but can instantly change his tune and show her a lot of affection. They’re so entertaining and loving to be around. I’m positive you’ll be kept on your toes and have lots of fun memories with them like I have.
Tuscan’s diet:
Purina Pro Plan Hairball Diet
9:30 – 10 AM 1st wet food meal
6:30 – 7 PM 2nd wet food meal
1 can per meal

2-3 pm 1 cup of dry food Purina Pro Plan LiveClear Indoor Adult Dry Cat Food
5-8 Temptations treats in between

Please keep their feeding places apart or they will try to eat each other’s food or please watch them while you place their respective food in their respective bowls so that they don’t steal each other’s food.

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Together, we can save the day for Tuscan.

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