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a picture of Thor a dog that needs a foster home.

Location: lincoln, RI

Posted on: 3/22/2024

Posted by: Individual

Thor urgently needs a foster home

Why is fostering needed?

I’m working with a client on rehoming her dog. Her son has life threatening allergies and has been to the emergency room multiple times. the family has done everything working with their vet and their son’s doctors, they have been trying to rehome for two years now. They are looking to Euthanize if they can’t find a foster

How long is fostering needed for?

Until a forever home for pet is found

Other notes

Thor has lived with his family his whole life, a few years ago his family grew and he gained some human siblings! Thor loves his family and is great with the kids, unfortunately his owner’s son has become severely allergic to Thor. Their son has been in and out of the emergency room due to his life threatening allergies and although Thor is deeply loved, it has been decided that rehoming him is the best decision for the safety of their son’s health.

Easy and low key kind of guy
Doesn’t require daily exercise but loves a game of fetch
Happy to lounge in bed most of the day
Can play independently on his own
Can be left home alone for a full work day

Great at sharing
Easily can share food and toys with people, kids and dogs
Can easily remove something from him (no resource guarding)

Loveable and friendly with familiar and unfamiliar people
He loves being pet and snuggled
Doesn’t demand attention

Easy to train, very polite and wants to follow the rules
Catches on fast and takes treats very gently
Very food motivated, not picky about food and has no food allergies
Has basic obedience skills including grooming and handling
Fully crate and potty trained, can be left alone for a full work day
Doesn’t steal human food or counter surf
Greets guests without barking or jumping
Will stay off furniture (couches, beds) unless invited up
Non destructive and no resource guarding
Calm and quiet during car rides
Able to watch people, dogs, ect walk by the house and doesn’t react to it whether he’s inside looking out the window or outside looking past the fence

Thor is a sweet tempered boy who loves his people, his other dog friend and his kids.
Thor does not have a bite history and has never needed to be muzzled.Thor is an easy going companion allowing you to skip the puppy and adolescent phases consisting of a lot of management, training and time
He does have some old man lumps and bumps but that doesn’t slow him down.
He is UTD on vaccines (DA2PP, Rabies, Bordetella and Lepto) .
Can becomes anxious and will go hide in his crate if there’s too much chaos in the house
Can bark and lunge at dogs on walks if they bark at him
Fearful of off leash dogs running up to him and will try to hide
Needs a slow introduction to dogs but warms up quickly

Training methods
Thor has had a very negative experience with aversive tools such as an electric shock collar in the past. He will need a family who is willing to use force free and fear free training techniques

Lifestyle and household
Thor is pretty low key and would do well in most homes, he also doesn’t require much exercise and rests often
A fenced yard is not required but he should still be supervised outside
Thor is a great family dog and would do well in a home with well mannered kids
He can get a bit anxious if there’s a lot of running around screaming or chaos. He will retreat to his crate when stressed. Calmer or older kids preferred

Dogs, cats and small animals
Thor currently lives with another dog but he can be more on the selective side for the dog friends he chooses
Would prefer a dog around his size and age that’s on the calm/neutral side. Would need a slow greeting
No history or experience with cats and other pets
He has low prey drive and could possibly do well
Currently lives with a tortoise and doesn’t mind when it’s out on the floor walking around the house

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