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a picture of Teeny a cat that needs a foster home.

Location: Lancaster, OH

Age: 4 years, 6 months

Posted on: 1/6/2024

Posted by: Individual

Teeny urgently needs a foster home

Why is fostering needed?

My grandma passed away and I am moving out of my house. He is special needs cat who needs the right home since I unfortunately cannot provide that for him anymore.

How long is fostering needed for?

Until a forever home for pet is found

Other notes

I need help with rehoming Teeny and unfortunately, I am moving out of my house ASAP, which kinda leaves be me on a tight and short time crunch. He’s kind of a special needs cat because he’s been diagnosed with feline hyperesthesia. He’s four and a half, he’s neutered, he is not declawed, and he has a tail the length of a bobcat tail. He’s a good cat. He’s litter box trained, he doesn’t get into things like most cats, and he’s very friendly. I would be able to get the vet paperwork for anyone who took him or wanted to take him if need be. He’s up to date on his shots and he has been neutered. I am rehoming him because where I’m moving to isn’t suitable for his needs and I refuse to take him to a shelter. He’s four and a half now and he’s the sweetest cat you could ever meet and he loves attention. I’ve had him his entire life and raised him from about 5 weeks old. He’s my boy and I love him so much. He has always been a scaredy cat and afraid of things. A little over two years ago he was diagnosed with Feline hyperesthesia, which is an unusual is a condition in cats that causes rippling of the skin and agitation. The demonstrated behaviors may be triggered by different factors, but his is mostly brought on by stress, and the Veterinarian also thought spinal or neuropathic pain, and maybe a compulsive behavioral disorder. It causes him to have increased sensitivity in parts of their skin. In severe cases, cats with this syndrome may damage or mutilate their own tail, which is exactly what he decided he was going to do. He bit the tip of his tail off which is about 9 cm of it. That’s when we took him to the vet and he was diagnosed. But what we had to do was get his tail cut off and he now has a tail that is about the length of a bobcat tail. He isn’t on any medication because before we got his tail cut off, we tried that, but I did not like crushing up his pill, putting it in a syringe with water, and holding him to force it down his throat. That was before we got his tail cut off and we did that for a month to see if it would work, and it really did not. We haven’t tried it since then. He’s a little older now and it could be different if someone would want to try that after they had him. But when he is angry, stressed, nervous, scared, upset, he will still try to go after his tail. He cannot bite it physically but he can scratch it with his teeth. So when his emotions are elevated, it kicks in a little more. He gets along well with other cats but he’s not a big fan of dogs. My dad’s dog chases him and he doesn’t like it. But I am trying to find him a new home because I know that where I’m going he is going to be unhappy if I take him and that’s not what I want for him. But he also is it different from most cats. He’s very needy and he would just be better off somewhere where it’s not a hectic environment, where it’s quiet, with older people and no children, where he gets lots of attention. Because if his emotions and his mood is better (which it would be in a suitable environment), the feline hyperesthesia wouldn’t be much of an issue. To me, him being with a more mellow and chill person/family in a peaceful environment, I think he would thrive tremendously. I would not rehome him if I didn’t have to, but I know that I can’t give him what he needs in order for him to happy and healthy. Even though he would be with me, he would not be happy and his feline hyperesthesia, would become much worse. But I will not abandon him at a shelter and surrender him there. I’ll do whatever I can before that would ever happen. I’d cut off my foot before I left my boy in a shelter. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself so that’s not going to happen. I would not rehome him if I didn’t have to, but I will not put him in a situation where he is not going to be happy and healthy. That’s why I’m trying to find the right environment and where he’ll get the amount of attention that he needs and deserves. I just want what’s best for him and I can’t give that to him anymore unfortunately, now that my grandma passed, and I will be leaving my house. If you know of anybody, please let me know. I just need to find a home for my sweet boy. The best and the right home that I possibly can give him since I can’t give it to him any longer… I love him very very much and I just want to find and I just want to find who will take care of him and love him just as much as I do…

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