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a picture of Teddy a dog that needs a foster home.

Location: Roeland Park, KANSAS

Age: 1 years, 9 months

Posted on: 12/15/2023

Posted by: Individual

Teddy urgently needs a foster home

Why is fostering needed?

I got evicted from my apartment & nobody in my family will take me in with my dog. My mom is the only one willing to take my dog & me in but she just got out of a psychiatric hospital a few months ago & broke her lease on her apartment and is living with my grandparents.

How long is fostering needed for?

Long term

Other notes

I rescued Teddy on May 18th, 2023 from the KC Pet Project, 2 months and three days after my first dog Drew, died. I was going through a very rough patch emotionally & I knew I wanted another dog but I didn’t know when. I looked at other dogs from rescues & breeders but while all the dogs were cute & all equally deserved a forever home I just hadn’t found the dog that I wanted. I saw Teddy’s photo on the KC Pet Project’s website & I knew that he was my dog. I met him the following week & fell in love then took him home a week after that.

I’ve given Teddy nothing but endless love & care but I lost my job & I’ve been evicted from my apartment & have to move out. The only person in my family who is willing to take Teddy & me in is my mom but unfortunately, she doesn’t have her own home right now & is staying at my grandparents. I’ve asked my grandparents to move in & my grandma said I have to get rid of him to move in. I went to my dad but his wife won’t let me move in because she doesn’t like dogs. Both my mom’s siblings have dogs who are dog aggressive so those are not options because of too much risk of a dangerous situation.

Teddy is a sweet & gentle boy, he loves to play with other dogs, long walks, he sleeps a lot, and he rarely if at all barks. He loves playing with his stuffed bunny & trying to lick the peanut butter out of his bone. He is an anxious dog & doesn’t necessarily like change. At first, he might try to chew things up if left within his reach when he’s left alone so be aware of that unfavorable trait but once he’s comfortable he will grow out of it. He won’t really play fetch unless he initiates it. With treats you have to give it to him and let him take it then he will put it on the floor and stare at it for a little and then proceed to eat it. He has to eat his food in privacy or he will either not eat or take 30 minutes before he eats it. He chooses to sleep on one of my blankets on the floor instead of mine or his bed. he doesn’t get on furniture unless he wants to. He doesn’t care to cuddle but will let you pet him if he wants them but then you can’t stop until he’s done being pet. He’s the only pet in my home so I haven’t taken the time to kennel train him. The one time I put him in a kennel while I was at work he somehow unlatched only the top lock, flipped the kennel over, and managed to wiggle his way out of it & since he’s the only one here I just never bothered which is my fault.

He is a kind, beautiful, & gentle soul. It pains me to give him away for an undetermined amount of time, especially after the loss of Drew but I had to make this decision so we weren’t homeless living in my car because that’s no way for a dog to live. The moment my mom gets her place I will be moving in with her & will be able to take Teddy back into my care. The date for that is currently TBD.

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