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a picture of Tazz a cat that needs a foster home.

Location: Vancouver , WA

Age: 4 years, 0 months

Posted on: 7/13/2023

Posted by: Individual

Tazz urgently needs a foster home

Why is fostering needed?

I’m currently staying at Open House Ministries, a homeless shelter. My cat is not allowed here due to the living situations although he is my ESA. I am desperate as I’ve emailed several organizations.

How long is fostering needed for?

Long term

Other notes

Tazz is usually a very laid back cat. He’s overweight and weighs about 25 lbs and does need to get down to his healthy weight of around 19 lbs. He prefers dry food, likes water fountains to drink out of, and is the best cuddle buddy at night when he warms up to you. He likes a peaceful home but can tolerate kids, he’s never lashed out at any kids, I have a toddler so I’d say he’s gotten kind of used to kids. He does avoid them though if he can lol. He can get along with dogs if they’re very low energy, does not like high strung dogs like huskys, pits, greyhounds, etc. (His best friend was a Great Pyrenees when he was a year old) He likes to be up as high as possible, so will climb to the top of cabinets, fridges, etc. He’s very fluffy for a short-haired as well and has a hard time grooming himself now as he’s recently become overweight. He doesn’t stop eating so free feeding isn’t an option for this fluffy guy. He’s very happy, purrs a lot, and content overall. He can play well with other cats but doesn’t know when to stop when they’re done playing. Overall is just a very chill indoor cat.

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