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a picture of Snoopy/Bella a cat that needs a foster home.

Location: New Caney, TX

Age: 1 years, 4 months

Posted on: 9/15/2022

Posted by: Individual

Snoopy/Bella urgently needs a foster home

Why is fostering needed?

Where I currently am she has a dog and will not allow me to keep them

How long is fostering needed for?

A few months

Other notes

Bella is a female and she is very shy and hides majority of the day but once her trust is earned she starts to come out more & loves to play & cuddle not aggressive at all snoopy is a kitty he is a boy and he likes to play a lot until he tires himself out so yea he loves to sleep and take naps as well in fact he plays very well by himself but & sometimes bella gets mad at him because I have watched him constantly mess with bella when she wasn’t in the mood to play and just mess with her but I live living with my cats they are potty trained and bella always smells sooooo Good like perfume even after a bath … It’s like bella never gets dirty she is very good with keeping her little white paws clean she never stinks neither does snoop but he is very vocal and has facial expressions I talk to him all the time and bella understands too I swear they know English snoop also looovesss human food and will go crazyyy

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