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Sir Toasted Noodle (or Toast)

a picture of Sir Toasted Noodle (or Toast) a cat that needs a foster home.

Location: Laplace, LA

Age: 1 years, 4 months

Posted on: 10/14/2021

Posted by: Individual

Sir Toasted Noodle (or Toast) urgently needs a foster home

Why is fostering needed?

So I already had two cats and was barely making it supporting them. Then my neighbor, who keeps feeding all the neighborhood cats (like 10 of them, not count count his own three cats he lets wander the neighborhood) and encouraging all the neighborhood female ones to come in and out of his home and have kittens come in and out but is not claiming any of them as his own…. So there are lots of kittens roaming. He had convinced me to take one in about a year ago, and I have been trying to find a home for this little guy since… but I’m not good at finding homes for animals and a couple of months ago, I was walking back up my driveway and found a little kitten that was about a month old laying under my car and he didn’t look good. So I reached for him since I was concerned that he had not run off like the rest of the other kittens. And when I picked him up he seemed lethargic and legs dangling. So I brought him in and brought him to the vet using my mortgage payment to get checked out. Later I found out that the neighbor put the little guy under my van in hopes it would help him. I need to find homes for these two guys. My house is about to get gutted due to hurricane ida and we are about to be in closed quarters but these two guys have not had all booster shots and I don’t have a vehicle to transport them and the 1 year old one hasn’t been able to get fixed so he gets angry when any other cat comes near him and the little one keeps getting worms somehow even though I keep him clean and dewormed him…. I can’t continue helping these two guys (cost and space wise) because I am about to be put into a small living quarters. It would not be fair for either of them and it would not be healthy for the littlest one. Is there anyway you can help me find a more suitable foster family for either of them? They don’t have to be together. They’ve been separated the whole time. And I don’t know how the 1 year old will be around other animals. I have not tried. He has gotten a bit aggressive also since he hit puberty so Since the storm, I have hun in a really large crate because he bit and scratched my 11 year old. I’m sure he’d be fine if he had somewhere to run around and if someone could get him fixed.

How long is fostering needed for?

Until a new home is found

Other notes

He is calm and sweet. He needs to get fixed still, but I cannot afford it. All local shelters are either full or refuse to take him because I didn’t say I found him in their parish. I can’t let him roam around my house because I’m allergic. He needs more space to roam around and play, but I have been trying to find him a home for about a year since my neighbor brought him to me when he found him outside when he was itty bitty and orphaned. So Toast was not taught how to stay safe outside. So I have kept him in my home while trying to find someone to keep him as a foster or forever. He is very loving and wants more physical affection than I can give him because I am allergic to him so I cannot hold like he wants me to.

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