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Shadow, Sasha, and Max

a picture of Shadow, Sasha, and Max a dog that needs a foster home.

Location: Indianapolis , IN

Age: 1 years, 6 months

Posted on: 5/20/2023

Posted by: Individual

Shadow, Sasha, and Max urgently needs a foster home

Why is fostering needed?

My family and I are experiencing temporary homelessness and his Mother will not allow us to keep our dogs with us regardless of how well we take care of them. I start my new job sometime next week after I finish the assessment course on Tuesday and will start saving money for a deposit and rent to get back up on our feet. My mother in law wants them out immediately and I have asked everyone for a little help just until we get a place again and just keep getting told no. Please if someone could help so we don’t lose our fur babies it would be a great blessing for us and our doggies.

How long is fostering needed for?

A few months

Other notes

Shadow the German Shepard is super sweet, loves tennis balls, loves to play, does well with other animals including cats but sometimes gets too excited and forgets how big he is so his playfulness scares cats and they run but he never hurts them. He just loves to be playful. He has a medium energy level. He listens and knows several commands. He does tend to resource guard only at feeding time. He does not like to share food. But it’s only towards other animals never humans. We have been constantly working with him to change the behavior. Shadow is great with kids and does not jump on people. He loves to snuggle and will watch TV with you. He does bark if someone knocks at the door. He is a great watch dog. He does not jump fences but he knows how to open gates, doors, cabinets, and even toilet seats. He is a silly young guy with lots of love to give. He is about a year and a half.
Sasha is 6 years old and very vocal girl. She loves to go on walks but will need a harness because she is an escape bandit and once she is loose you will never catch her. She knows how to jump fences. She has a medium activity level as well. She loves snuggles and does super well with other animals including cats. She does well woth children big and small. She is a modest girl and doesn’t like to go number 2 when you walk her. So if you put her on a tie out just long enough for her to go number 2 she has to wear a harness. She has been that way since she was a puppy.
Max is about 3 years old roughly the vet said. We adopted him from the animal shelter a year ago. He does very well with people and is crate trained as well. He is very hard to walk he tends to pull and he is strong. His energy is a medium to high energy. He is vocal too. He is such a super sweet boy and loyal as they come. I’m not sure how he would do around small children because all my kids are older. He loves cats and plays well with the other dogs but he resource guards too and has since we adopted him. It’s only during feeding time. He can be a moody guy if he’s annoyed and he will howl and make noises. He loves to play and run. But if you don’t have a high fence he will jump it and run around but will return after he finishes hiking on every tree. He is neutered. He is very hard to catch as well. He barks when someone knocks and is a great watch dog. Also Max does like to jump on people. So i would not recommend small children being around him because he loves to jump and lick you in the face. I would not want him to knock a small child over and accidentally hurting them because he is trying to love on them. He knows how to sit, speak, lay down, and sometimes he listens to stay but not always. I will add we have him on a high protein diet from the dog food to adding bone marrow broth, bread, chicken, steak, etc. He has a very lean build and we have tried to help him gain weight since we adopted him but it’s been a struggle. The lady we lived next door too is a vet and said it’s just his build and wondered if he had an over active thyroid. Right when we were gonna take him to the vet to be checked we ended up having to move due to the board of health fining our landlord for the house issues and we had to relocate. Now we are with my in laws and the mother will not allow us to have them here and I don’t start my new job until next week sometime.

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