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Shadow Rose

a picture of Shadow Rose  a dog that needs a foster home.

Location: Greenville, GA

Age: 0 years, 8 months

Posted on: 12/2/2023

Posted by: Individual

Shadow Rose urgently needs a foster home

Why is fostering needed?

She needs attention that is unable to be provided to her in her current temporary abode while I find her a new forever home; I unfortunately cannot continue caring for her as I would like to be able.

How long is fostering needed for?

Until a forever home for pet is found

Other notes

High energy level and unquestionable loyalty; extremely loving when treated with love. She is partially trained, and she responds to some comma d words with a finger snap. When treats are used, response is guaranteed, even if it takes a minute. She uses puppy pads most of the time, and she will whine and/or give you her paw to let you know that she needs to go potty. When playing, she does not recognize size; she plays the same with any creature. Small humans and smaller pets are not recommended to be around her unless she gets further training. She loves to play with other dogs and run at very fast speeds; she can turn on a dime. If she is not being given attention, she is libel to chew through harness, collar, and leash. When taken out on walks, she does pull, so much so that that has also caused harnesses to break. Leash, toys, treats, and any leftover food are going to come with her. She has only eaten Pedigree Puppy kibble since her first Vet visit with seldom human food treats from other people. She has her shots up to 6 months. She has not had decent flea treatment for 2 months at least. She did receive the dollar tree flea ointment about a month and a half ago. Habits may have worsened over the last month as she has been with others temporarily, others who are not very able to care for except the barest minimum.

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