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Sammie/ Boop Boy/ Sammie-Boop/or just plain Boop

a picture of Sammie/ Boop Boy/ Sammie-Boop/or just plain Boop a cat that needs a foster home.

Location: Seattle, WA

Age: 4 years, 6 months

Posted on: 11/10/2021

Posted by: Individual

Sammie/ Boop Boy/ Sammie-Boop/or just plain Boop urgently needs a foster home

Why is fostering needed?

Depending on how things turn out (I should know by the end of the month – November that is – I may be going into the hospital for 4-6 weeks for treatment of my eating disorder, most likely at Overlake (the floors it takes up though is “Eating Recovery Center.” All of my back-up temporary pet homes are no longer a possibility (last time I did this my best friend took my cat (I only had 1 then) while I was in the hospital then I got him back when I “stepped down” to Partial Hospitalization (meaning I was at the hospital all day, but came home at night so I can take my cats back then). Unfortunately, said friend has moved to AZ. My mom would love to help but I have 2 cats (one that’s familiar with her, the 14.5year old called Jet) and the other hides whenever anyone but me comes into my apartment so they have yet to be acquainted formally (Sammie) but regardless, she can’t take them because she already has 3 cats now (which is still above the lease agreement and 5 would definitely be pushing it. I literally have no friends in the area (they’ve all moved away or have pets of their own); my caregiver, Shelley, has a really neurotic dog that probably would freak out if she introduced 2 cats to the household.

Ideally they would stay together but I know how hard it is to make the decision to adopt or foster more than one. They aren’t bonded in that they weren’t raised together or anything, it’s just easier to have them BOTH go to the same home. If it’s not feasible, I’ll work something out.

How long is fostering needed for?

A few months

Other notes

Sammie (aka “Sammie-boop,” “boop boy,” or just “Boop” (nicknamed so because when I’m in bed he’ll “boop” his head/face into YOUR face to get attention. The attention I give him is a kiss on the top of the head, then a thorough pet-down). He has ZERO no-fly zones meaning it’s perfectly find to pet him anywhere without being attacked. He IS EXTREMELY shy; if he hears anyone else in my apartment besides me or if someone rings the doorbell he is AMAZINGLY good at finding little spots to wedge his substantial self into and won’t come out for hours after the person has left. You can’t trick him into coming out when there’s a guest by shaking a treat bag, but after they’ve left he’ll come out for treats (or opening a wet food can, or adding dry food to the bowl(s).

He takes 2.5mg prednisone (oral suspension – tuna flavoured (supposedly) made at Kelley Ross Compounding Pharmacy in Seattle (they’ll ship it to you for free!) for mild asthma every other day. He’s totally cool about getting his meds; you just lift up the side of his mouth (about where the whiskers are, pop the oral suspension syringe into the corner of his mouth and squirt. He doesn’t fight at all. Not a fan of having his claws trimmed so I usually just do 3 or so every time I catch him when I’m near the clippers. He never scratches when he’s upset (like said clipping). He is EXTREMELY cuddly to his “person,” he likes to drape himself over part of my body when I’m in bed (which is a lot of the time because I’m disabled) and sometimes grooms me which I find adorable and let him go on but some people might not like it. It’s not at ALL like a dog kiss (aka sloppy and smelly) he just starts grooming at the back of my hand (or if he’s on the floor while I’m standing, my legs) and work his way up! If you don’t like it, you can disengage and he’ll just start grooming himself instead.

I’m looking for a 4-6 week foster for him and his “big brother/playmate” (oh and he LOVES laser pointers!) because (I’ll know by the end of november most likely ) I may being going into a “residential/ip program” in Bellevue (attached to Overlake) for my eating disorder. I’m trying to start at the Partial Hospitalization level (aka I spend days there but come home at night in which case I wouldn’t need a foster! That is, of course, ideal).

If I do indeed turn out to need someone to foster him (and hopefully my other sweet -older- cat, Jet) I would recommend shutting him in a bathroom or other small room for a few days with food and water and a litter box so he can get used to the new smells. Then open the door to the bathroom and leave it open so he can come out to explore as he gets up the nerve haha. That’s what I did when I got him from the humane society 2 years ago (he was 2.5 then). Oh and this is important: INDOORS ONLY. Pleeeease don’t let him outside. His chance of bolting are VERY slim but just to be sure he is an INDOOR CAT.

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