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a picture of Sadie a dog that needs a foster home.

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Posted on: 7/16/2023

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Sadie urgently needs a foster home

How long is fostering needed for?

Until a forever home for pet is found

Other notes

She is housebroken and uses the potty outside ( I offer frequent potty breaks as she’s been a thirsty gal) her urine and stool have looked normal as well

-She doesn’t do the best in the crate unless it’s in the same space as you (she’s got a bit of separation anxiety)
What I’ve found is she does best in a sectioned area somewhere where she can still see you

-She does excellent with other dogs with various types of energy I think the presence of another dog brings her comfort (I haven’t seen any concerns here she seems to love everyone) I don’t have a cat but Mackenzie said her cats weren’t a fan of her but she didn’t mind them at all

-She loves love! She likes to be right by your side and will give you endless amounts of kisses. She also really enjoys being outside and her walks (which I know can be tricky with this weather) She also loves interactive toys with treats and seems to love snuggling and watching tv and of course any snacks and treats you have to offer! Her main dislike is the thought of you leaving, her separation anxiety starts to kick in when you are out of sight for too long.

-Overall she does well in the house, isn’t destructive, likes to be right by your side or in your lap. She loves to be up on the couch or in the chair with you and give tons of kisses. She also likes to sit pretty for a treat! She is very food motivated and loves meal and snack time. It did take her a bit to settle in when I first brought her as she was very anxious and would pace and look for a way out in the yard but she responds very well to commands. I would be cautious of any holes/areas she could slip her way out of just in case.

It’s hard to tell what her story was but I can’t help but think she came from a loving home because she’s got such a sweet disposition and is very gentle and loving. Once she meets you, she definitely doesn’t want to lose you!

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