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a picture of Retro a dog that needs a foster home.


Age: 3 years, 9 months

Posted on: 4/15/2024

Posted by: Individual

Retro urgently needs a foster home

Why is fostering needed?

My temporary housing arrangements do not allow animals. We are needing temporary housing due to toxic mold issues in our apartment.

How long is fostering needed for?

A few months

Other notes

Energy level
Retro’s energy level is what I would assume to be average, he really likes to play, but he also likes to nap. If he gets to choose to go out or not, he will always go out. He loves fetch, he loves jogging, he loves exploring, and he loves finding hidden treats around the house.
Retro is incredibly smart, and he understands a lot. He is a goof ball, and such a lover. He gets defensive when he unexpectedly runs along other dogs. I am working with him on that, as our last apartment complex had dogs with aggressive behaviors and he will bark sometimes. I use a gentle leader for walks and usually in a situation, I am able to easily ask him to sit and he stops. He really likes to be made to feel that he is part of the pack.
He is not kennel trained as he notifies me and wakes my son up for low blood sugars. (My son is Type 1 diabetic) He doesn’t have accidents in the home, He would benefit from a large bone it helps him with anxiety. He has only spent 30 minutes or less in the kennel at any given time and it’s due to behavior or trying to bring in groceries, or calming down because he was to greet a guest and he gets so excited he needs time to relax.
He would not do well if he is put in a kennel for hours on end.
At mealtimes we ignore him if he is staring at us eating, and he will lay down eventually.
He knows a lot of commands.
Sit, wait, down, off, spin, high five, paw, other paw, sit pretty, hugs (he will hug on command), come, leave it, “do you need kennel” (he will stop what he is doing), go get it, can you find….(I taught him to check on my kids) , if he takes a while finding somewhere to go poop I trained him as a puppy by saying hurry up good boy, and for some reason if I say that he finds somewhere quicker. He also knows “we are going inside” and he will go quicker, if you are needing to get somewhere on time, this might help.
He knows, do you want to go bye bye, go for a walk, go outside. He will also hear you even picking up the leash from the other room.
He is allergic to grains, and chicken/poultry, it causes diarrhea and itchiness. He eats natures recipe Salmon and pumpkin dog food. I will provide his dog food.
He also does not eat fast, he sometimes eats all of his food, but sometimes he leaves some and grazes on it throughout the day.
He normally goes to bed around 830pm-900pm. Every night I say goodnight and that I love them to my kids, and so since he was a puppy he would seek me out to do the same to him. So years later he wants hugs and I tell him “Goodnight Retro, I love you” If its past 9 and he isn’t sleeping telling him goodnight lets him know to calm down. He likes to sleep near someone, and usually on the floor next to the bed. Very rarely will he sleep in the bed with us, and if he does its because he needs cuddles.
Kids and other pets
We have cats and they aren’t best friends but they tolerate each other. They greet each other by tapping their noses together. He has never been attacked by a cat, so I don’t know what would happen if a cat attacks him first. He likes to chase them, but has never hurt them. He has also tried to get them to play with his ball with him by throwing his ball at them…..they were not amused.
He is good with kids. He has been around kids of all ages. He does like to help clean toddlers eating snacks, and also help them eat their snacks, but other than that he is a teddy bear.

**He has a microchip, I dont know the number**

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