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Pappyz,Benji and Dathito

a picture of Pappyz,Benji and Dathito  a dog that needs a foster home.

Location: Glendale , AZ

Age: 10 years, 2 months

Posted on: 3/18/2024

Posted by: Individual

Pappyz,Benji and Dathito urgently needs a foster home

Why is fostering needed?

We have unfortunately become homeless since February 1st we have been sleeping in our car with the dogs and my family and it’s been the hardest month and a half of our life. We have never been homeless ever and it’s not only difficult for us but also for our dogs. One of my dogs the white Chihuahua has become extremely anxious and dominant towards my boyfriend’s puppy. And he is literally the one who is driving us all crazy. He acts like if in heat then I have a pomeeranian who is clingy but also very fearful and barks at everything even at the wind. Then my oldest is a schnauzer and he seems to be suffering from joint or back pain from old age. Now things are starting to get harder and the days are getting hotter. We don’t want to lose them that’s why we have been struggling looking for temporary care for maximum 2 months. But it’s not as easy as everyone thinks or says. We have contacted several agencies and they are either full or haven’t heard anything from them. We have a job interview in the morning and we hope work after that but the thing is now where would we leave our dogs. It’s so hard being homeless. Can you please consider helping us fostering these dogs that don’t deserve to suffer in a car all day with us for our mistakes. We will not abandon them they are all like children to me and I’m their mom. We have never left them anywhere since we started adopting the first one, who will be 10 in May. Please I beg you help me with my children I’m a desperate mother that needs a moment to breath and get back on my feet and keep my kids safe. I wouldn’t be doing this if I had another option but I’m running out of time and options and surrender isn’t even in the picture.

How long is fostering needed for?

A few months

Other notes

All 3 of them are wonderful kiddos. They each have their own different personalities and they all have so much love and beauty inside them. Benji the white Chihuahua he bonded to mom not caring that he was supposed to be daddies boy and he is my biggest character. He will literally talk back to you if you scold him and eventually get away with anything because he will talk back and push himself on to you and then lick you until you forget why you were scolding him. He loves to sleep in our bed under the blankets and if possible in between your legs. He is rather posesive but he is a true angel and he gets easily depressed and easily angry as well he is my biggest sloth because he will eat and sleep all day if you let him but he does enjoy going outside and running and he loves swimming. We use to have a pool and he would spend the summer in the water with us. Pappyz my oldest I have had for 10 years his mother was my dog. When I met my boyfriend we moved in to live with him. I had her and him as a puppy so a few weeks after moving in she ran away and we looked for her for days but never found her. He cried so much for his mom and stopped eating for 2 days until my boyfriend started to syringe feed him if no he would have died. He has always been mellow and calm. He loves to play catch for hours his favorite toys are balls and his favorite game is catch. I have collections of different types of balls sizes and colors but his favorite are the squeaky emoji balls that come in packs of 6 . He also loves any toy that squeaks. He will destroy any battery powered toy that moves or has music . And he love to be scratched and cuddled and he is also a licker. Now those are all his nice things but he does have a evil side… He hates being hurried he will literally walk slower if you yell at him to hurry up and he hates getting his nails cut so beware use a muzzle . Also he hates patty cake or being held by his paws and if you carry him carelessly he will growl at you. But I think he has arthritis or joint pain because of his weight and age. Other than that he has been my very best friend and I love him so much… I love them all and I don’t want to lose them or see them suffer. He does need to get his hair cut every month because he gets very hairy and he does let himself get hair cut and take baths. Just be patient with him he’s old. Now the youngest is Dathito he is 5 years old and ever since we adopted him he was full of fear and also has anxiety. The vet diagnosed his with that and he has been pretty good at living with that. He is a super energetic playful fun loving little dude. He is my little crazy. I literally get anxiety being around him for to long but he keeps everyone on alert and laughing constantly. He does ark a lot because of the fear. He hates to shower and have his nails trimmed so he trims them himself. He loves destroying chew toys and squeaky toys and he loves to play outside for hours even if he is alone just beware he does tend to wander off so don’t leave him completely alone and he likes digging holes. He was attacked a few years ago by a coyote and I was able to save him. My Chihuahua was also attacked by a German Shepherd a few years ago and is very terrified by those dogs. Dathito is a good dog who gets along with anyone even kids but my other dogs don’t like kids they will bark at them constantly. Pappyz doesn’t like skateboarders he has lunged at them. But other than that they are good babies and I will be constantly contacting the foster parents to know how they are and I can supply them with everything they need for the dogs. I do have a vehicle and can come and go to them whenever it’s needed. All we are asking for is that someone watch them for us just while we are at work and the rest of each day we can be on call if needed. We are use to long drives so that’s no problem. Thank so much for your time and consideration.

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