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P.Ditty Kitty

a picture of P.Ditty Kitty a cat that needs a foster home.

Location: Lakeland, FL

Age: 4 years, 5 months

Posted on: 8/16/2022

Posted by: Individual

P.Ditty Kitty urgently needs a foster home

Why is fostering needed?

I have multiple cats and some are elderly and sick.

Other notes

P.Ditty Kitty was found as an abandoned stray about three years ago. He needed medical attention and safety from the outdoors. He is a really sweet and affectionate cat. He purrs very loudly and melts when you pet him. I have videos I can show you if you would like to see. He is fixed and up to date on annual shots. The only downside about him is that he has feline AIDS (FIV). I have four cats including P.Ditty. Some of them are elderly and one has become very ill recently. P.Ditty is only around four years old, and because he grew up outside alone, he doesn’t yet understand the need for lower intensity play sessions with older cats. He just sees another cat and wants to have fun. My family and I cannot keep him in our home anymore. We simply just do not have the time or energy for his needs. He is great with dogs and chickens, just not with other older cats. He loves people and talks a lot to you when he becomes excited. He is a very loving, playful, and emotional young boy. He would probably make a great emotional support animal to the right person. I am currently trying to surrender him to the SPCA, but that could take time. Maybe a week or two. The SPCA does not euthanize FIV positive cats. New research has shown that feline AIDS does not adversely effect otherwise healthy cats. Most of the infected live normal, full lives. If you could hold him long enough for the SPCA to take him, I would be in your debt. My wife is disabled and I work full-time and our other sick cat requires extensive care. I do not want to take P.Ditty to animal control, but I may have no other choice soon. He is being kept locked up in a spare bedroom, isolated from my other cats, in my house, and I only have enough time to take him for a 45-minute walk outside daily to get him out of that room. He has to be secured on a harness and leash to prevent spreading infection to other outdoor cats, and he can no longer have access to my other ill cat indoors. He just does not understand that she is sick and in critical condition and FIV positive cats have to become fully indoors cats.

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