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a picture of Oliver a dog that needs a foster home.

Location: SPOKANE, WA

Posted on: 7/30/2023

Posted by: Individual

Oliver urgently needs a foster home

Why is fostering needed?

My daughter has three companion cats that need a foster. Our apartment building sold, and I had to send her to temporarily stay with her brother who has seven great Danes who don’t tolerate cats. I have to live in my car until I find a place. I had a foster lined up, but it fell through last minute, and now I’m terrified of losing her babies. I struggled with mental health issues five years ago and she was in state care while I recovered. I worked hard to bring her home, and during one of our last visits, I tricked her. I told her I left something at a gas station and a stranger picked it up, so we were going to their house to get it. When we walked in, she shrilled in delight at the kittens. We told her that she got to choose one that I would take to our new apartment for her to come home to, and she picked a female black kitten with a white mustache and a black Monroe dot. She named her Sasha Moostasha. I foster care, kids struggle emotionally and it causes huge repercussions once the situation subsides. She was able to use her focus on this cat and another I’d attempted to get for myself when she got overstimulated. Having to send her away to come back without her comfort animals will kill her poor soul. We need help for these babies.

How long is fostering needed for?

A few months

Other notes

Oliver is vocal about one thing… When he wants to eat. He is intelligent. He loves to drink fresh water from the sink, but he has an odd habit. He has decided that drains are meant for peeing in.

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