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Oliver and Oscar

a picture of Oliver and Oscar  a cat that needs a foster home.

Location: Covina, CA

Age: 1 years, 5 months

Posted on: 11/11/2023

Posted by: Individual

Oliver and Oscar urgently needs a foster home

Why is fostering needed?

I’m currently staying in my car with a 75lb dog and two cats and it’s unfair to them to be stuck in the car all the time. It also makes it hard for me to work because I have to leave them in the car which means leaving my car on so the ac is running. Im a mobile mechanic so my car is always close to me while I work, but it takes a lot of money to run the air conditioning so much. I just need my two cats to be okay until I can build my credit and get a place. I make enough, I just haven’t built my credit yet because i recently got my first credit card. My dog is really well trained and will stay right next to me while I work so I just need someone to look after Oscar and Oliver for a little bit. I will pay for whatever they need, I’ll even scoop the litter everyday. I don’t care as long as they’re okay and together.

How long is fostering needed for?

A few months

Other notes

Oscar is a year and a half and Oliver is 6 years old. Oscar is full of energy and keeps Oliver young. Oliver was a stray that I took in and is very timid of people. He will more than likely hide under a bed all day until he warms up. Oscar is really scared of loud noises because he’s never been outside before other than in my car. Oliver is terrified of dogs and cannot be with any other cat. Oscar is fine with any person or animal. My dog is his best friend besides Oliver. Oscar and Oliver love each other very much and must stay together. They are escape artists but they have to have to stay indoors. They mean more to me than I can explain which is why I’m doing this. It’s about what’s best for them even though it’ll kill me to have someone else have them. They come with all the toys you could imagine, litter boxes for each of them, they each have their own cat tree, and they have an outdoor enclosure in case they want to be outside. Oscar only eats dry food and Oliver eats dry and wet food. So I put out a can of wet in the morning and one at night and leave dry food out all day for them along with their water fountain. This was before the owner of the house I lived in for 6 years decided to sell the place. Now they don’t get to use that stuff because we’re in my car, but I still have all of it in my storage unit. So please, we just need someone to give us a break so we can make it. We just need a chance.

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