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a picture of Nefertiti a cat that needs a foster home.

Location: Atlanta, Georgia, United States, GA

Age: 3 years, 11 months

Posted on: 3/18/2024

Posted by: Individual

Nefertiti urgently needs a foster home

Why is fostering needed?

My temporary residence does not allow pets. I secured a temporary foster until Paws Between Homes found a foster for her, but the temporary foster fell through. I only need help for 90 days and have plans to take her to my sister to foster her during the duration of my temporary housing situation.

How long is fostering needed for?

A few months

Other notes

I acquired Nefertiti from her mother during COVID when she was over 12 weeks old or older. After 20 weeks she was neutered and vaccinated. Nefertiti has only lived with me and is very shy around strangers (she will hide to avoid contact) and will experience separation anxiety when she is away from me. She also has anxiety when in a new environment. She also isn’t accustomed to other animals in her space because she has never lived with another animal. Her natural instinct is to become aggressive (by hissing and howling), but she usually will retreat in that situation. I have never seen her attack another animal. Nefertiti has two litter boxes and is fully litter box trained and does not have accidents outside of her litter box. Since becoming Nefertiti’s human, I have given her a wet food diet. I prefer wet food because she does not drink water as often as I like.

Nefertiti likes to climb and sit high but can be trained not to jump on furniture or any other restricted areas. She is not allowed on tables or places where eating is allowed. Nefertiti is a solitary animal and prefers to be alone. When sleeping all day, she will choose her cat condo or a dark and comfortable place. She will snuggle and request hugs and rubs when she’s hungry or when she’s retiring for the night. Furthermore, she doesn’t like to be held unless she is comfortable with you but does not enjoy being held for long periods of time. However, she does enjoy head and neck rubs, but will stop you by jumping off your lap or nipping at your fingers. Nefertiti is an indoor and outdoor cat, prefers outdoors in the evening, and is very active after eating, or a nap. She likes to run, chase and jump on any moving toy. Nefertiti enjoys hunting and bringing her owner gifts of rats, crickets, frogs, grasshoppers, and so much more to her human. Nefertiti is a good companion, but patience is required while she becomes accustomed to her new environment and new people.

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