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Miss Pearl & Pablo Neruda

a picture of Miss Pearl & Pablo Neruda a cat that needs a foster home.

Location: Seattle, WA

Age: 2 years, 6 months

Posted on: 3/17/2022

Posted by: Individual

Miss Pearl & Pablo Neruda urgently needs a foster home

Why is fostering needed?

Our landlords did not provide us adequate notice that they plan to sell our home and will not renew our lease. We should have received a 90 day notice, but they only gave us a month. While we could fight them to stay, they also started major construction at the home that occurs daily (jackhammering, demolition, etc.). It’s become so unlivable and miserable for us and our cats that we need to find a temporary home. The cats have been so scared from all the construction sometimes they don’t eat or will hide all day long under the bed. Sadly, the temporary options we found do not allow pets. We hope to find a loving foster family starting May 1st to care for them so we can focus our efforts on finding a new home that allows us to have cats. Other options are too costly for us and we really need those funds to put down as a security deposit, pet deposit, plus first and last months rent once we do find a new home. Any help would be so greatly appreciated!

How long is fostering needed for?

A few months

Other notes

Miss Pearl Hart and Pablo Neruda are two feral sibling rescues that we adopted in 2020 right before Covid hit. Both can be shy and slow to warm up initially. We think they will do best in a quieter home without other pets and will be an especially great fit if you have experience with feral or shy cats.

Miss Pearl Hart, like her namesake, is an independent spirit of the Wild West. With time (usually just a few days) and trust-building you’ll see her silly and playful personality emerge, maybe even her ultra snuggly side. Once comfortable, she is especially motivated by play. If you make toy mice or feathers go under a blanket or rug she goes bananas. Pearl especially loves her cat dental treats and bonito flakes. She usually only eats treats off the floor and won’t eat out of your hand. She’s not super fond of being picked up. Once comfortable, she can be very affectionate and loves pets on her neck and ruff.

Pablo can be a lot more snuggly and social compared to Pearl once he warms up. He’ll still get really scared of knocks on the door or loud sounds, but if he feels safe, he is just one roly-poly cat. He loves belly rubs when he rolls on the floor, and he is obsessed with any and all food. Pablo can sometimes tolerate being picked up if he’s feeling extra lovey. He will occasionally snuggle, though usually only after you’ve been sitting on the couch for a really, really long time or if you’re napping. He can sometimes be a punk to his sister, but we have found this usually happens when he is hungry or needs you to play with him.

We feed both our cats raw food diet because Pearl wouldn’t eat dry or canned food when we first adopted her — raw chicken was the only thing that stuck. We can provide any food/supplies needed for the cats while fostered and are happy to go over their routine.

We think you’ll love them both and can’t thank you enough for your consideration during this challenging time.

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