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a picture of Marty a cat that needs a foster home.

Posted on: Invalid Date

Marty urgently needs a foster home

Location: St Charles, MO

Posted by: Owner or kind soul

Why is Fostering Needed?

I need someone to foster my cat, Marty, until I can get my own place. Maximum of two months. I do mean foster. I will pay for anything he needs while in someone’s care. I have been living in my brother’s house for since Jan 11th and, when I first got here, he told me that I had 2 days to find this cat a place to stay. I’m absolutely positive that his patience is going to wear out soon.

I just moved up to the St Charles area from the Lake of the Ozarks. Before I moved, I thought I had someone who could take care of him for me, but I couldn’t get in touch with him when I was leaving. He was an inside/outside cat down at our condo complex and was friendly with everyone. People down on vacation would swing by our place to say hi to him. People with dogs especially got to know him because he would walk right up to them and rub on them on their walks.

However, a few weeks before we moved, he hurt his foot somehow and I had to keep him in the house. Up here, he hasn’t wanted outside… It’s much noisier.

I really don’t want to give him up to a shelter, but that’s what’s going to happen if I can’t find anyone soon. Again, I will pay for anything he needs. I also have his vet records, but his vet at the lake was R Veterinary at The Lake. Phone number: (573) 346-5733. He is neutered and just got his rabies shot when I took him in about his foot. Thank you in advance.

Other Notes

He’s very talkative

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