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a picture of Lucy a dog that needs a foster home.

Lucy urgently needs a foster home

Location: Longmont , Co

Posted by: Owner or kind soul

Why is Fostering Needed?

I have a surrendered / rescued female 7 year old spayed dog. She has tested positive for distemper. I have paid 2600.00 for her care. She is recovering and on antibiotics. She will survive most likely, if she can find a home to care for her that has no pets. She needs a few weeks or a few months to recover. I have another dog and can’t keep her isolated from him in my living situation. I’m asking for a safe pet less home for her for a chance for her to get well. She is a wonderful dog. She can be with people children and other pets once she recovers. She is housebroken she is quiet she sleeps most of the time and requires a small walk. She would be wonderful companion to a senior citizen or even possibly a therapy dog. She is a special-needs dog however it’s not gonna be able to go on 10 mile hikes or 3 mile walks. She is the sweetest personality of all and she’s adorable please help help

Other Notes

She needs medicine snd is currently restricted from sharing a home with other pets. When she is well,
She can be with children cats and dogs. She’s very timid. Right now she sleeps quite a bit and requires a small walk. She has a lovely disposition and is very affectionate kind and grateful. She is house trained. She does like to spend time outdoors but it will be weather permitting. She would be available for permanent adoption if the fostering goes well. Right now she’s not well and she needs a place where she can be cured for until she gets well.She is a wonderful companion very gentle very quiet and very cooperative. She won’t do well in a loud house with a lot of action.She has recently been surrendered/rescued from a bad situation.Because she is restricted from being around other animals. I am seeking a foster home because I have a dog and I cannot keep her isolated from my own dog.

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