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Link and Leeloo

a picture of Link and Leeloo a cat that needs a foster home.

Location: Auburn, WA

Posted on: 8/6/2023

Posted by: Individual

Link and Leeloo urgently needs a foster home

Why is fostering needed?

I will be joining the AirForce and do not want to rehome my cats. They mean a lot and I would like them to live in a temporary home until I am out of basic training and occupational training. By then I will be able to find my own home and then have my kitties come back home with me.

How long is fostering needed for?

Long term

Other notes

Link is 4yrs old and is a gentle and easy going boy. He likes to cuddle more than he likes to play with toys, but will play if you entice him. He is food motivated and is dog-like. He knows simple commands like sit and paw. He LOVES food and is on a strict diet. He is a urinary cat, prone to UTI’s caused by stress and requires prescription urinary diet dry or wet. He does take calming medications during times of stress. He does not like loud noises. He loves to sun bathe and look out the window. When allowed he can hang out on the porch supervised. He does not like dogs and prefers humans and his cat sister Leeloo.

Leeloo is a very independent girl that will ask for pets on her own terms. Not much of a cuddler but loves to cuddle her brother Link. She is goofy and silly and likes to look for bugs. Very curious and always in her own world. But mellow as well. Not much of a foodie but likes treats. She gets zoomies a lot and likes to play either by herself, with Link, OR with toys you can entice her with. More active than Link they really are opposites. Be careful however, she does like to bolt out the door. Don’t let her!

Both kitties enjoy when you talk to them and being included in your activities around the house. They like routine and appreciate a quiet home with lots of windows to look out from. A place that is quiet and easy going will be appreciated. They do not like other cats or dogs.

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