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a picture of Hades a dog that needs a foster home.

Location: Miami, FL

Age: 3 years, 4 months

Posted on: 11/8/2023

Posted by: Individual

Hades urgently needs a foster home

Why is fostering needed?


I came upon your page in my search for potential resources in fostering my 3 year old Alaskan Malamute for a short-period. I just moved from Michigan back to Miami and was told last minute by my landlord (in a short-term lease, till the date posted in the title) that it is a hard-no for dogs as of now. My dog is currently being housed in Michigan by a friend, however he’s urgently waiting for me to find a solution given the sudden change of plans.

I would love any help in finding a trustworthy and loving home for my dog, as I love him and hope i can soon be reunited with him. Thank you for your time, my number is 305 339 7277 and I’d love to speak more if possible!

How long is fostering needed for?

A few months

Other notes

My dog is honestly a calmer spitz breed, whilst he has his desire to occasionally howl it is usually reserved for direct-communication (he’s only going to howl for food and stuff). He likes to run around open space and just sniff the general area, but mostly prefers to wrestle other dogs or play fetch/tug with his human friends. He is a MASSSIVE CUDDLER AND DEMANDER OF PETS – Until he has had enough and decides to go nap under a table (he likes to nap under tables). In terms of relations with other dogs, he is amazing with all breeds and types except for intact males + males of the same size & age (both must be true for aggression to show). In terms of children, he loves them and is surprisingly gentle with even toddlers! He’s been fostered a few times during long vacations and every one that has cared for him has loved him and even missed him when he’s gone!

If you have any other questions i’d love to go further into detail!

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