Fostering Mrs. Whats-it

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As a volunteer with Portland, Oregon animal shelters, I’ve thought a lot about what could make our community a safe one for pets, before they ever reach the shelter door. I envision living in a place where all pets are safe and loved – I call it “Petopia”.  I was imagining what Petopia would look like when I saw this foster pet care need notice on Craigslist:

A person holding a dogDescription automatically generated
Joyce and Mrs. Whats-It

I thought…. In Petopia, someone would step up to help this lady – so she and Mrs. Whatsit could stay together.

My next thought was, why shouldn’t someone – be me?
If this dog can get along with our 2 dogs and 2 cats, I can manage another dog for a few months.

I reached out to this woman, who turned out to be lovely – and really distraught at not being able to care for this dog she loved. 

We welcomed Mrs. Whats-it (yes, named for the elderly character in the book, A Wrinkle in Time) into our family and home as our foster pet.

Mrs. Whats-it  was with us, not two, but five months. And it was lovely. 

Mrs. Whats-It before and after

We were able to get her a complementary Banfield veterinary plan to deal with some minor health issues. We had her groomed and looking and feeling much better. 

Mrs. Whats-It with family cat

Sweet senior Mrs. Whats-it settled in so nicely with our household.  It was like she had always been with us. Our cat (and we) fell in love.

And when Mrs. Whats-it went back to her mom, she, and we were so very happy for her!

I hope you consider a foster. There is nothing quite as satisfying as creating the BOND, as preserving the BOND.

Joyce Briggs and her pup

All the best to you in the satisfying volunteer activity of fostering a pet!

– Joyce Briggs