Foster Hero Story: Meet Nancy & George

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Being chased by wild pigs? A foster hero to the rescue!

Mele Kalikimaka! (“Merry Christmas” in Hawaiian)

In a jungle on the east side of Maui (in Hana), a Good Samaritan found six-month-old George being chased by wild pigs!! They scooped him up and brought this traumatized puppy to a shelter just two days before Thanksgiving. Here’s Nancy’s story of how she nurtured George back to health.

(Note: a few of the “before” photos below may be a bit heartbreaking to view, but it’s all part of the pet’s transformation back to health and become the great dog he is.)

Why did you to decide to foster?

I worked at the shelter and heard there was a pathetic looking, sick puppy in the back holding area so I had to go and meet him. The minute I saw him, I knew that I was going to foster him!

What was your experience fostering a pet?

We worked hard to help him feel better. He was bright red for the first few weeks and we gave medicated baths and he wore tee-shirts to protect his fragile skin.

Now that he’s in a safe environment, George has fun playing fetch with some encouragement from Nancy and her friends. See George coming out of his shell in the video here!

It’s amazing to watch animals blossom in foster care. Whether they are recovering from surgery or little bottle babies fighting to survive, to witness the transformation is amazing.

I always find the experience to be so rewarding and positive. The only negative is saying goodbye but that’s what fosters do…we get them well enough to move onto their forever homes.

Six week transformation through tender loving care

Socialization is so important for puppies. Watch George play with his doggie pal Maisy.

And let’s not get too jealous of the beautiful Maui backdrop, what a great new life!

After fostering him for six weeks, he was adopted by a shelter volunteer and good friend of mine. She had watched his progress on my Facebook page and fell in love with him virtually.

Now has a new name “Dobby”!

Watch Dobby (George) play with his new sister Nani. Everyone’s cheering for him and their heart is melting as they witness this sweet moment….

Who else supports your foster volunteering?

Fostering is a family affair! My mom, Carole, was very instrumental in helping to foster George as was my little dog Lulu (Mini Schnauzer). Having their support has made a huge difference.

What advice would you give to first-time foster pet parents? 

Just give it a chance… it can seem overwhelming at first but once the animal is there and settles in, you will see how rewarding it can be. It is absolutely amazing to see what a beautiful dog he has become and he now has the best forever home!

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