Foster Hero Story: Meet Julie & Flossy

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It’s not just cats and dogs that need foster homes while they look for their forever home. Fostering is a great way to learn what its like to parent a rabbit or the smaller “pocket pets” .

This Bunny needed a Buddy! A foster hero stepped in.

“Can I have another carrot please?”

What motivated you to decide to foster?

Due to COVID-19 I am working from home and wanted to help out where I could. I miss working at the animal shelter as I have been for the past 7 years. I know several of the foster volunteers there and have heard wonderful stories from them of the rewarding experience. Because I work and am not home during the day I am not well-suited to being a foster volunteer myself but COVID-19 changed it so I could foster for a time.

What was your experience fostering a pet?

I have experience with dogs and with cats and kittens so made the offer to foster. It turns out that when I reached out to the foster coordinator that she didn’t need any cat, kitten, or dog fosters, but said they really did need rabbit fosters, and introduced me to 2-year-old Flossy. I’ve never had a rabbit, but said “okay”. I found that Flossy is an easy animal to foster and am happy to help. Flossy is still in our home though I will bring her back to the shelter when the shelter is open for adoptions again. Flossy deserves to be adopted and I don’t think that will happen if I continue to foster her.

Flossy striking a pose for the camera

What advice would you give to first-time foster pet parents? 

Ask lots of questions of the staff as they are all very knowledgeable and willing to help.

Did you know?

Shelters often have small mammals in their care and will typically provide supplies including a cage and supplies. However, just like cats, bunnies can be litter trained, which is why so many bunny owners are able to let their buns run free in the house. Most rabbits prefer to do their business in one spot, and so litter training comes naturally.  It is really important that a rabbit be spayed or neutered before that can be successful

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