Foster Hero Story: Meet Chris & Parsley

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A timid kitty learns to socialize and gets a forever home!

Chris rescued Parsley, a 3-month-old kitten that was recovering from a cold at a local shelter and very much in need of socialization.

Timid little kitty

What was your experience fostering?

It was great! I had fostered before and found it a rewarding experience. Parsley was very frightened and under-socialized when I brought him home, but within a few days of working with him he started to relax. After I was able to introduce him to my own cats, he totally blossomed into an affectionate, playful kitten.

I’m proud to be able to support the folks who work at my local shelter, they’re the real heroes! But just knowing that you’ve helped get an animal ready for their forever home is a great reward.

This is my favorite spot!

Who supports your foster volunteering and how?

We have great local foster coordinator, and of course, our local shelter’s team that does the intake and health assessments, and their vet team, are all great. And my partner is very supportive of the work I do (although like me, she wants to adopt all of them…)

What advice would you give to first-time foster pet parents? 

Just know that your local foster coordinator has got your back, and is going to be there if you run into any trouble. And, of course, be ready to not want to give your foster back! But even that “foster fail” is an “adoption win” for the animal! 🙂

Tip: What is “foster fail”?

A “foster fail” by definition is an endearing phrase used in the pet rescue world. A “foster fail” happens when a pet who was only supposed to be a temporary foster is so lovable that their human just can’t say goodbye, and the pet winds up becoming part of the family. See great stories here.

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