Cookie Kittens Halfy Birthday Party

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Kitten family

A few months ago I fostered an adorable litter of four kittens from my local shelter. The babies arrived with cookie-themed names like Gingersnap, Toffee nut, etc. They were eventually adopted by three loving families and I’ve enjoyed photos and email follow-ups from them and thought, “How nice it would be if those families met each other!” Everyone agreed and we decided the kitten’s “halfy” (half; six-month) birthday was a fine time to do it.

So I just hosted my first online kitty litter (I mean kitten litter) party, and boy, was it fun! Of course, in true COVID pandemic-party style, we met online via Zoom.

Instantly connected by being ‘smitten with the kittens’, we told stories, shared Instagram antics, and enjoyed seeing the four kittens in their new habitats. 

Sweet connections! Adopters meet each other with their kitten fams.

There was singing and cake for the birthday boys (and girl) now renamed Trico, Theo, Jammers, and Poppy!

Meowy Birthday to you all!
Make a wish or two!

The only question left – how can we top this when they turn ONE ?

Zzzzz…. dreaming of our fun yummy kitty cakes.

Thanks to the amazing foster families: Julie and kids, Nicole, and Jeremy and Adam, for helping make fostering even more rewarding. And of course, thank you to your fab four kittens, who brought us together!

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