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a picture of Duckie a dog that needs a foster home.

Location: College Park, MD

Age: 0 years, 6 months

Posted on: 1/11/2024

Posted by: Individual

Duckie urgently needs a foster home

Why is fostering needed?

My friends found a stray puppy that they don’t have the time or ability to keep. I offered to give her a great, permanent home, but I cannot have a pet in my current living situation. So the earliest I can take the puppy is this summer (July).

How long is fostering needed for?

A few months

Other notes

I’m looking for help finding a temporary foster for a stray puppy that my best friends found around Thanksgiving. The puppy, we’ve been calling her Duckie, was roaming around a gas station near Azalea and Airport. After posting signs and in the neighborhood groups, no one has claimed her.

Duckie seems to be a Lab/Terrier mix and around 6ish months. She’s super sweet and loooooves being pet and cuddling. She hasn’t really learned to play with a lot of things yet. And she hasn’t gotten the hang of potty training yet. Unfortunately, my friends all work nearly full time and have two cats and two dogs in their home. So as much as they love her, they can’t really manage to keep her much longer.

I came home for the holidays and have told my friends I’d love to take her and give her a forever home with me where I live in Maryland. But I would have to wait until at least the end of May to early June when I plan on moving into a townhouse of my own. Unfortunately, right now, one of my roommates already has two older dogs that are aggressively reactive towards other dogs and my roommate is not a good pet owner in themselves. So it would be a very stressful and very unsupportive situation to bring a dog into. I offered my friends that if they could keep her until I’m able to drive down in the spring, that I’d pay for her food, shots, heartworm, flea/tick treatments, and some toys as well. Like I said, for my friends, it’s just too much. So I can offer the same to a foster!

As far as Duckie goes, she likes other dogs and is playful. But she does seem to be mouthy. She also seems fine with cats, albeit maybe even a bit afraid of them (but my friend’s cat is old and ornery). In general, Duckie is high spirited and energetic but can be calmed by holding her at your side and rubbing her chest. At least in my experience, that puts her into cuddle mode! Duckie also seems eager to learn and be trained. I’ve gotten her to sit at my feet when I call her to me. She also does really well inside her kennel. She doesn’t bark or yelp. Unfortunately she’s not gotten the hang of potty training yet. Mostly she has accidents inside her kennel. My suspicion is that wherever she came from, that was the norm for her. So I think that *she* thinks she’s supposed to go inside her kennel. Even when I’ve taken her out the past week or so, when she needs to poop, she’ll sit near the backdoor to my friend’s house. And I try to encourage her to come to the yard, and she’ll come for attention, but she goes back to the door. Before I caught on to what was happening, after I let her back inside, she’d poop in her kennel. So I really think that’s where she thinks she’s supposed to go. So she’ll definitely need some persistent training there.

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