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a picture of Donut a cat that needs a foster home.

Location: Santa Clarita, CA

Posted on: 5/4/2022

Posted by: Individual

Donut urgently needs a foster home

Why is fostering needed?

We rescued two cats 4 years ago from Heaven on Earth. One was very social and the other was more skiddish. Sadly the social one died a year ago and, with him, the only feline friend that the skiddish cat had. She went into a depression and wouldnt let us touch her. We eventually rehomed her with my brother in law who had a cat. She remained there another year and befriended his cat. She remained skiddish and wont let anyone touch her, but at least she was well taken care of, and had a nice friend in the other cat. Unfortunately, my brother in law just had a baby and the cat is freaking out and has become a concern. My brother in law and I are trying to find her a new home. She would thrive in an environment where she could play with other cats indoors but not be expected to interact with humans too much. She is a sweet girl, but a wounded soul that we just want to find a forever home for.

How long is fostering needed for?

Until a forever home for pet is found

Other notes

Sweet in he own right, but a socially averse cat that loves other cats but not humans. Has always been an indoor cat and does not (presumably) have much in the way of survival skills. But she will LOVE to spend time and play with other cats during the night. She used to with our now deceased cat. So we always were just happy she had a friend and we were content to have her be our reclusive roommate. But now that circumstances have changed, she needs another home/owner that can give her those circumstances.

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