Do More Good with Technology

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Since the first primitive man counted sheep with a stick, technology has been helping people solve their problems. For the shepherd, it helped him know if any of his herd went missing through the day. Today it helps us keep track of our day, communicate with others, and quickly find answers to questions. Overall, technology can be a great tool to help you as an individual do more good.

The scary part is that any tool has the power to do some damage if used for the wrong problem. The good news is that most of the time, you can try something out, make sure it works for the problem you are trying to solve and then start to see the benefits without any harm done.

Often, the way we adopt technologies is by starting with something familiar to solve a new problem. For example, if you used spreadsheets to track information in school, you might try and build a tracking tool to help you organize the animals you have in your shelter. Chances are, you can find and read about other people who have built similar systems and it works mostly well. You can see all of the animals and add notes or information anyway you’d like to. You can even make it more useful by adding a form so that new people can sign up, or entering new animal information is more consistent.

This system works great until you realize that you’ve built a pretty complicated system over time. Never is it more obvious than when you try and train a new person how your system works. So where do you go from there? RescueFoster built a system that gives you the ability to customize all the parts you care about, but saves you the time of building it from scratch, or needing to spend all your time updating and making sure your spreadsheets all match. You can use sign up forms to quickly get information about new people who want to help foster animals, and easy entry forms to add new animals to the data in the background.

More than anything, RescueFoster gives you a new tool that will help you do the most good, the ability to quickly message all of your eligible fosters and get that new animal placed in a good home fast. Imagine being able to click a button and have hundreds of qualified animal lovers informed of the opportunity to care for your new addition. The system automatically handles the responses and makes it so you don’t have to answer any but the first person who replies. It’s a first come first serve solution that is proven to help you place animals in good homes quickly and easily.

Best of luck in your journey to do good.