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a picture of Cooper a dog that needs a foster home.

Location: Phoenix, AZ

Posted on: Sun Dec 05 2021 20:53:06 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Posted by: AZ Beagle Rescue

Cooper needs a foster home

How long is fostering needed for?

Until a new home is found

Other notes

Are you a pescatarian who likes to cook?! Cooper would be delighted to share a fish and potato meal with you. Like Sheldon on Big Bang Theory, this Cooper is very particular…. well, at least his tummy is, and he needs someone who can help keep him on the right nutritional track.

Cooper is a quintessential beagle who loves to follow his nose and do tricks for treats. He knows sit, shake, beg, lay, and roll over. He also knows W-A-L-K so don’t say it unless you really mean it! 😊 Be prepared to get to know your neighbors. Cooper uses the song of his people to joyfully call for attention from everyone he meets along the way…adults, kids, and other dogs alike. Cooper knows no strangers. As excited as he gets to go on sniff adventures and car rides, he is just as happy to lay next to you on the sofa or nap in a soft bed. Cooper does well loose in the house without supervision as long as he has a dog door to a secure outdoor potty area.

Cooper came to the shelter when the only family he has ever known ran out of funds attempting to treat him for severe pancreatitis. After a month in ICU the amazing medical staff at PACC were able stabilize him, but he was still struggling with severe diarrhea. Cooper was sent to a specialist who diagnosed him with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). This is a condition that requires life-long dietary and medical management. We are still in the process of discovering exactly what that means for Cooper but have high hopes for our current regimen. Unfortunately, Cooper’s time in his foster home is coming to an unexpected end. He is in need of new foster or rescue by 12/15/2021.

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