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Coco Chanel, Rozay Ricky

a picture of Coco Chanel, Rozay Ricky a dog that needs a foster home.

Location: Milwaukee , WI

Posted on: 2/12/2023

Posted by: Individual

Coco Chanel, Rozay Ricky urgently needs a foster home

Why is fostering needed?

I have to dogs that are in SafeHaven Program and one boy dog that needs to be pick up by Wednesday, February 15. The second girl be back to me on February 26th or 27th . But I can both dogs ready by Wednesday if you become their temporary pet fostered parent until my documents towards my housing is completed.

Other notes

I am looking for foster parents to care for both of my dogs. Both of my dogs are in the SafeHaven program under Humane Society. Coco Chanel is currently with Foster Parents and Rozay is still at the Humana Society Shelter who is waiting on Foster home. I would like both dogs together. Coco Chanel is 7 years old and weight 25 pounds and I was that she maybe is Maltese. Coco Chanel will be ready to be pick up on February 26th to 27th. Coco Chanel was placed in a foster home on 1/13. Here are a few notes about her stay prior to foster:
While in the shelter Coco Chanel has shown fearful behaviors when being leashed. Coco Chanel bit and broke skin (small puncture) when a volunteer was clipping the leash to her collar for a walk. Staff have successfully leashed and unleashed Coco Chanel using high value treats. Coco Chanel needs to be transported to the foster home using a kennel cab. Foster parents should not take her out of the kennel cab until they are inside their home. FP will need to set Coco Chanel up in a single room with potty pads and give her time to decompress. Coco Chanel will likely warm up quickly to foster parents based on behaviors seen in the behavior office (soft, loose, solicits attention and jumps up). However, foster parents should wait until Coco Chanel is fully comfortable with them before attempting to leash for potty breaks/walks. FP should always use food when leashing. If there are children in the home, they must be able to follow instructions and only interact with Coco Chanel if she approaches them and solicits attention. Recommend a quiet household in general.

Rozay is 10 years old and weight 25 pounds, he is Yorkie mixed with Maltese and is ready to be pick up on Wednesday February 15th.

Rozay Ricky Quinn is still seeking a foster home. We have seen the leash reactive behaviors described by the owner be present in shelter as well. He will bark and growl at other dogs while on leash. We will continue to try to find foster placement for Rozay Ricky Quinn but will need to discontinue the program if foster placement is not found by Monday, February 15th.

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