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a picture of Chuy a dog that needs a foster home.

Location: Tacoma, WA

Posted on: 7/11/2023

Posted by: Individual

Chuy urgently needs a foster home

Why is fostering needed?

My dog is having behavioral challenges towards children, and my temporary home has a child within it. He’s a very sweet and loving boy, energetic and playful, he just has some fear based reactivity towards kids (and sometimes other animals) that needs training. At this moment we aren’t able to home him until we can move. So we could really use a child-free, probably pet-free, foster home to temporarily take in this sweet boy.

How long is fostering needed for?

Long term

Other notes

He is very sweet and social, especially to people. He wants to be everybody’s friend. He’s very smart and is a quick learner, he knows lots of tricks! And he loves to show them off haha. He is a very active dog and would love walks or to play ball every day if he could. But he will also sleep the majority of the day and has many lazy days, and he loves cuddles! He is great with teens and up! We got him from a shelter a few months ago, so we have been working with him on a few behavioral issues. It’s not safe for him to be around kids right now, he has fear based reactivity with kids. We’re not sure why, but it is an issue for sure so he can’t be in a home with kids. He does amazing with teens and adults, is very sweet and super playful. He LOVES tennis balls, kisses, pets, and treats! He has allergies, so he has a grain-free, chicken-free diet. But all food and vet care will be paid for by us! He takes vitamins daily (which he thinks are treats lol) and has to get allergy shots every few months. He is all up to date on all shot records, and he does amazing at the vet’s office. He loves bathtimes and is pretty easy to take care of in general. He is clingy though so expect him to want to follow you around everywhere! If you’re happy, he’ll wag his tail along side you. If you’re sad, he won’t leave your side until you’re feeling better, and he’ll kiss your tears away if you let him. He isn’t super social with other dogs, and needs work with socialization, but he is friendly enough with them. He rarely barks, he loves car rides, and he’s potty trained and kennel trained. We would love to visit him if possible, and whatever can make the transition easier. We can provide all of his stuff, and in general help out a lot with him if needed. We just can’t have him in our home right now unfortunately. He has that famous pittie smile and this family could really use some help!

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