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a picture of Chapy a dog that needs a foster home.

Location: Poway, CA

Posted on: 3/15/2024

Posted by: Individual

Chapy urgently needs a foster home

Why is fostering needed?

My landlord doesn’t allow my pet. I have an appointment on May 4 to rehome with humane society.

How long is fostering needed for?

A few weeks

Other notes

1. Introduction:
• Name: Chappy
• Breed: Mutt
• Age and Size: ~3 years and ~20lbs
2. Appearance and Health:
• Chappy’s coat what what I think of as deer color.
• Chappy is very healthy, fully up to date on vaccinations and has no medical needs.
3. Personality and Temperament:
• Chappy is a shy dog. She tends to want to play or hide. She is fine hanging out in her crate most of the day and loves to play when given the opportunity.
• While I’m working she will come up and cuddle up to my leg, which is how I know she wants to have some attention.
• She is good around other pets, including dogs and cats.
4. Training and Manners:
• Chappy is house and crate trained.
• She knows how to sit, give a paw, lay down, rollover. She knows how to fetch but doesn’t retrieve the item. She loves to chase. She knows how to come, go to her crate.
• She walks on a leash or harness. Harness is preferred as she can be a houdini and get out of a leash.
5. Likes and Dislikes:
• Her favorite activity is to chase you and have you chase her. She like to run after things. She has balls and chew toys. She loves to chew and finds things if a chew toy is not available, like pencils.
• We are training her to come in through the door with us standing to the side, if you look like you are going to attack then she shys away and will not approach.
6. Interaction with Others:
• She interacts well with children. We have had her around our children ages 5+ and our grand children ages 1,4. She does great with them.
• She tends to be good with other pets. We have another dog and she acts like his mom. She is also good around our cat. They leave each other alone and are perfectly happy.
7. Routine:
Her typical routine is
• 6:30 wakes up and goes outside for 30 min to use the bathroom.
• She is a free eater, meaning we have a food dispenser (dog kibble) for her and she eats when she is hungry. We also have a water dispenser which does the same thing.
• She will come in and “help” watch us make breakfast and get ready for the day. She tends to cuddle in her crate or on a dog bed. When we leave she goes into her crate until someone lets her out. I’ve been working from home so I let her out at around 11am and let her go to the bathroom. She then hangs out at my feet, in her crate or dog bed while I work.
• She goes on a walk daily at around 8pm.
• Then eats a bite and goes into her crate for the night.
8. History with the Current Family:
• Chappy has been with our family for 3+ years. She was a Tijuana rescue dog and has come a long way from when we first got her. She is loving and kind.
We need to rehome her because our landlord will not allow pets.

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