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a picture of Calypso a cat that needs a foster home.

Location: Seattle, WA

Posted on: 12/26/2023

Posted by: Individual

Calypso urgently needs a foster home

Why is fostering needed?

I need to be out of my current home by the 30th (Four days from now) and need a few months to find a new living situation. I will be crash landing in my sister’s garage for the time being, and that won’t be the safest place for my cat.

How long is fostering needed for?

A few months

Other notes

Name: Calypso
Aliases: Madame Monster, Beastie, La Petite Gargouille
Personality: Aloof, independent, a little salty, mostly quiet. Every now and then, she can be a *little* sweet.

Calypso is a cat who loves to watch the world from high places. As she is a cat with few facial muscles, she often looks grumpy. She is very conservative in her affection, preffering to show you favor by simply being in the room with you. She very rarely gets in laps and doesn’t like pets. Though she does enjoy a good chin scritch every now and again.

She is a most excellent hunter of bugs, and loves to play with her teloscopic feather teaser. When you pull out the lazer pointer, you can get her to parkour off the walls. If she aims to mishbehave, she will chew on plastic or scratch at the nearest piece of furniture.

If there is a secured catio, she will spend as much time as she can watching the scenery – sometimes chattering at birds. She is not very high-energy, but she does like to play once or twice a day and absolutely partakes in random blitzing.

She is a catnip *fiend* and will break into a cabinet to get some. Her favorite treats are mostly Greenies and Tiki Cat Stix (or Churu), but she has been known to partake in a freeze-dried anchovy now and again. She is also a fan of yogurt and might beg for Cherry Garcia – but she knows she’s not supposed to have much of either.

Calypso will likely fare best as an only-cat for the time being. While she has been around other cats and dogs in the past, it has taken her a lot of time to adjust to those situations and the adjustment period is a very stressful one for her. She should not be around young children for extended periods for similar reasons; she’s been around my nieces for short bursts but tends to hide when they get to be too much.

She is not afraid to hiss when she feels threatened, but she has not inflicted damage on anyone. It should be noted that the last vet clinic she went to considered her to be a fractious cat though. She does not like to be handled too much and it is very hard to trim her nails without someone to assist.

Though she be but little, she is fierce.

I need to have a foster home arranged to take her by December 30th.

It is my hope to foster her out for as short a time as possible. She is my whole heart, and I do not plan on rehoming her. However, I will need several months to save for, find and arrange a long-term living situation.

I would love to send her to her foster home with some of her favorite things, which I will take back with her as soon as I can!

If you’re interested in fostering her, please reach out to me ASAP! I would love to get to know you!

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