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a picture of Buddy a cat that needs a foster home.

Location: Boney Lake, WA

Age: 2 years, 2 months

Posted on: 5/28/2022

Posted by: Individual

Buddy urgently needs a foster home

Why is fostering needed?

Lost my mom recently, my job, and have to move out my apartment. I have been trying so hard not to loose my Cat. I’m moving with family where allergies are an issue. I’ve searched and searched but haven’t been successful. I need him a temporary home while I get back on my feet and can take him back. Time is very limited I’m desperate. We’ve lost so much already I don’t want to loose him or him to loose me. Any help please please. Thank you

How long is fostering needed for?

A few months

Other notes

My Cats name is Buddy. I should have named him Bestie because he really is my best friend. My last Cat died after 18 years of having her and buddy came from a home where he had to live alone in a garage. We kinda helped each other get over a tough time and now things have got much tougher. I just lost Mom, also my Job, and now buddy and I have to move from our home.
I have to stay with family for a while but they have allergies so I can’t take him. He’s being affected to and I so badly need to find a temporary home until I’m able to get him back. Very urgently. I have been trying so hard but very limited options and no other friends or family willing.
He’s been a so good to me through so so much. He’s good at brightening your day or mood.
He is such a goofball when u need a good laugh. His expressions that can’t help but make you laugh. his energy and playful spirit and Also his love.
He can be very affectionate especially when u carry him around like a baby on your shoulder and literally hugging you at the same time. He purrs very loud a
And makes funny noises so FYI. He
Also likes being tucked in when he lays in his bed. Usually put the blanket over him. He also loves to play! especially with his favorite ball that he loves when you throw it somewhere that he has to find it. He likes a good challenge he’s very smart. you can see him thinking just watch his eyes which is also a great way to read and communicate with him. He also he likes to chase and be chased like your a big cat. He also loves boxes to play in or sometimes sleep. If one is laying on the ground he will get in for sure. Loves sitting in the window and catching a breeze or watching cars go by. But He’s an indoor cat I try very hard to not let him outside but he will try sometimes so have to watch him good
Hes particular about his food like meow mix mostly, temptation treats, and canned tuna which is only people food he will eat.
He’s very clean. Has nice healthy shiny coat. Awesome markings and wide bright sparkly eyes.
Unfortunately he isn’t used to other animals sine I don’t have any.
He’s very curious. likes to watch what your doing like doing household stuff washing dishes or laundry. Or even bathroom lol.
land like any other cat he likes his space sometimes or can get over stimulated . I learned to watch his eyes or posture he usually lets I know.
i ‘m sorry for such a long post just want to put enough info. Anyone that can help please we are desperate. I will help financially for anything he needs or is required. Please I just need time to get back on my feet so I can take him back with me. Thank you anyone who reads this.

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