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a picture of Buddha a dog that needs a foster home.

Location: East Elmhurst, NY

Posted on: 8/24/2023

Posted by: Individual

Buddha urgently needs a foster home

Why is fostering needed?

I am actually reaching out on my brother’s behalf. Unfortunately, my brother’s living situation has changed – and after a recent surgery, he just simply doesn’t have what it takes to provide the best environment for the dog. The dog’s name is Buddha, a beautiful Pitbull Terrier that is 5 years old. We love this dog and it is very hard for us to consider surrendering, but we want to start the process now so we can take our time finding the right place for him. Because we want to ensure the best outcome for Buddha, we are committed to providing $100 a month for the life of the dog (completely serious – happy to sign paperwork to that end). We also paid for training for Buddha – but my brother has not started any of the sessions. We will speak with the trainer to make sure he provides the service for the foster parent or new owner. I am coming to you hat in hand – we really need support in this situation. My heart breaks for Buddha – I want him to have a happy life. Please help.

How long is fostering needed for?

Until a forever home for pet is found

Other notes

Buddha is a beautiful and loving Pitbull Terrier. We do not want to give him up – but we feel it is in his best interest after a serious of life changing events. He is 5 years old, and has lived his life next to child without any incidents (the child is 4 years old). We want to make sure Buddha has the best support network – as such, we are committed to providing $100 a month for the life of the dog to ensure he has continuous support. Buddha is a shy dog – he does require training for leash and interacting with people that are not his immediate family. He is very protective, which is a good quality just not always necessary. He does require training for these things. We paid a trainer in full for the life of Buddha – just never got started. I’m sure that we can transfer the lessons to the new parent. We really want what is best for Buddha – hat in hand, I am begging someone to hear my prayers. Thank you any consideration.

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