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Local Foster Hero Alert!


a picture of Bonnie a dog that needs a foster home.

Bonnie urgently needs a foster home

Location: Mechanicsville , VA

Posted by: Owner or kind soul

Why is Fostering Needed?

We have moved out of country because of job loss, and want to find a place for our dog till we can find a way to get her to where we love right now, outside of USA.
My name is Kay Gupta, and my dog’s name is – Bonnie, she’s a labrador. The above mentioned name and address is of the care taker with whom Bonnie is right now.

Other Notes

Bonnie is a very sweet dog, she’s very good. She’s good with kids and family and with other pets. We travel frequently and she has loved with friends and family often, so she’s used to to seeing different people than just us. We had to move out of the country because of job loss during peak covid situation, and we could not bring her that time because the flights we not taking live animals then. We want to find a foster home for her till we can find a way to bring her to our place.

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