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Bobo and Bunny

a picture of Bobo and Bunny a cat that needs a foster home.

Location: Tempe, AZ

Age: 13 years, 7 months

Posted on: 3/26/2022

Posted by: Individual

Bobo and Bunny urgently needs a foster home

Why is fostering needed?

I am homeless & living out of my car with my cats. The pet shelter “Lost our Home” is filled up & the only ones I could find for people & pets are not for single people. I am an Uber driver & cannot work with my cats in the car. Food delivery is not enough money. I was affected by COVID & on rental assistance for 3 months but it ran out.

How long is fostering needed for?

A few months

Other notes

They’re senior cats, mostly sleep all day. But Bobo, the male has a good amount of energy several times throughout the day. Likes to play & run around the room a little bit. They both love affection, but Bobo needs more than Bunny. He also loves getting under the blanket on the bed. He climbs under it & goes to sleep. They both sleep with me on the bed. They are litter box trained. They scratch their scratcher not the carpet. They have always been indoor cats. Got them when they were 4 months old from a litter from an outside cat. Need to be separated when they eat cause bunny will eat Bobo’s food & she’s overweight & can only have 2 cans of food a day. Bobo can have 4 cans throughout the day. He is a grazer. I will provide their food for you. Also Bunny was prescribed over the counter fiber powder by the vet for constipation. Just need to mix one level teaspoon into her food twice a day. I will provide that too. They like cuddling together sometimes but other times they will have a spat, especially when they are stressed out. They will stop fighting if you say no sternly.

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