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<meta name="description" content="This pet needs a temporary foster home. Location: Powhatan, VA.

Age: 2 years, 4 months



a picture of Bella a dog that needs a foster home.

Location: Powhatan, VA

Age: 2, 4

Posted on: 1/25/2021

Posted by: Owner or kind soul

Bella urgently needs a foster home

Why is fostering Needed?


This may be long winded and confusing but I will do my best to explain and am more than happy to talk more over phone at my cell- 8045439504.

In September of 2020 I had a friend of a friend reach out to me explaining that they needed help with their pitbull Bella who at the time was 11 months old (estimated). She reached out explaining that a boyfriend and her got Bella on the side of the road from someone selling a litter. Fast forward and her and her boyfriend broke up and she took Bella with her to go back to her parents house when they split and she moved out of their place. She was working and going out with friends and not working with Bella as much as she admitted she needed to. She did not have her crate trained and was leaving her in a basement laundry room whenever she had to go out. Bella was displaying separation anxiety/boredom/and behavior issues and was urinating and pooping in the room and was chewing apart the door frames and scratching the door. When her parents would let Bella out they would not put her on a leash (as they lived on a farm and their dogs were trained and raised to stay on the property) and Bella would run away. Bella was also hit with one of their golf carts and ended up with a broken femur and surgery.

The parents of this friend of a friend told her she had to take her dog to the shelter or find her a home before the weekend or they were taking her somewhere. Hence, I came in to the picture and was reached out to. I, myself am an animal lover and cannot say no to helping one. She asked originally if I could work with Bella on potty training and behavior issues/ train her and she would pay for all medical and food until she was able to get a place of her own. A month or so down the road the money stopped coming and it quickly turned into ” I cannot find a place to rent that will allow pitbulls and I am coming to the decision that I do not have the time for a pet” “Can you help me rehome her?”

She herself would not post her and help me rehome her in fear that her ex would see the social media and she did not think he would be a fit pet owner. So, that being said I agreed hesitantly and not knowing what else to do at this point to prevent Bella from ending up in a shelter. I myself was a single mother of a 3 year old at the time and another small dog of my own working a full time job. The financial responsibility and time of Bella became my own. Bella is a quick and smart learner and I luckily had a friend/coworker nice enough to help me work on training and playing based off our scheduled. She quickly became very interested in Bella and offered to watch her when I had to go out of town etc. She eventually became interested enough to say she would love to have her. However one weekend of watching her when I was out of town the complex she lived in told her pitbulls were not a breed allowed there so she no longer was an option unless she moved. Which has not been a move she can make in that time or near future. I reached out to a pitbull advocacy group to have help in posting Bella along with me in hoped of getting more leads.

Many commented and said how pretty she was but were not interested. In the meantime Bella started to limp pretty bad and I took her in for an appointment and xray to see what was going on. We found out that from her past injury (most likely) Bella had arthritis as the young age of one. I went over the options and with her being so young I decided to go with cosequin supplements to manage. On top of that Bella has the normal pitty issues of allergies to the grass and gets the red and itchy belly so our vet said to do two benedryl in the morning and afternoon. Those allergies like most pittys/dogs were seasonal and is not all the time.

Now knowing all these issues it has become extremely hard to rehome Bella. I have continued to work with her on behavior/ leash training/ potty training etc. In my home she was doing fine with potty training with the occasional accidents. She does okay on a leash but it has to be one of the leads that are used at most rescues by volunteers etc. She has been around multiple dogs of all sizes as I am part of the Rover community where I would dog sit. She was never an aggressor and did well with others. We are going on almost two years now I have had Bella and I am pretty picky on the applicants I get for rehoming as I want her set up for the most success. I have had play dates and trials before fully rehoming and no luck as of yet. Her most recent Rehome I was very optimistic on. And they have been so extremely patient on giving her time to adjust. Bella is having issues regressing with pottying in the house and has shown some behaviors that are concerning to them. She will eat next to another dog and play and she loves having a buddy. However, they have noticed that when it comes to bones or toys she gets protective and has snapped. Im not sure you classify this as aggression/protecting or dominance.

That being said she will be coming back to our house as we do not want to risk it. I am reaching out to try to get some guidance or help on rehoming/training Bella.

At this point I feel that I am in over my head and cannot handle what I have taken on. I thought I was doing the right thing by helping, but was not prepared for the financial responsibility or the time/training that I have taken on. I was not looking for another dog. I am currently pregnant and am now completely unsure as to what to do. I feel that I do not have the correct experience in training for Bella and how to properly rehome her. Like I said, I am going on two years of having Bella with no luck and I feel like I am scratching my head on what else to do. I have tried to help and take care of her but I did not go looking for another pet and hindsight should have just said that I could not help. I am asking for any help possible. Another person who is actually a certified or volunteered foster? Any help posting her or rehoming her? Or any training help. I am worried that Bella is becoming a pitbull that is not able to be rehomed. Obviously I care about Bella tremendously and that is why I am at battle with myself for what to do.

Other Notes

Meet Bella! 💗

The prettiest pittie in the land! She is an approximately 2 year old female, fixed and up to date on shots and meds! She is great with kids! Bella is crate trained/leash trained and can sit and shake!

Bella has arthritis and is given cosequin supplements in the morning. She gets seasonal skin allergies and in warmer months just needs 2 bendryl in the morning and afternoon to help soothe the itchiness!

She is very high energy and needs lots of focus, exercise and attention! If you are not willing to work with her and give her structure she will regress! She needs an adjustment period, patience, and lots of love.

Bella would do best in a 🏡 with no other animals unless you have a dominant smaller dog. She has been around both small dogs, small kids, and larger dogs. She does better with smaller dominant dogs or no animals. Playdates she does great on!

Bella is the biggest cuddle bug and would love your attention! She just needs to find her perfect person!

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