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Bella and Sadie

a picture of Bella and Sadie a dog that needs a foster home.

Location: Winston Salem, NC

Age: 4 years, 32 months

Posted on: 1/24/2023

Posted by: Individual

Bella and Sadie urgently needs a foster home

Why is fostering needed?

My current living situation has me in a friends house and they are not allowed to have pets. I need help keeping my two babies together temporarily until I’m back on my feet.

How long is fostering needed for?

A few months

Other notes

Sadie a 4yo mix
I rescued Sadie as a puppy from being a dog fighter and raised to become the sweetest dog. She loves to be outside exploring but sitting around together with pets and attention is her love language. She is ALWAYS hungry and veryyyyy food driven so she needs to eat twice a day and of course she’s fancy and very picky on what she eats (she refuses to eat just kibble). She is spayed but was an amazing mother figure to all the dogs we’ve rescued and adopted out, she taught them to be kind and respectful and it was absolutely adorable watching her interact with them. She hates squirrels with a passion but when it comes to other dogs and cats she is very nice and relaxed after a few gentle *supervised* introductions (she loves to sniff and sometimes it gets a bit much for other dogs on the first day). She isn’t very entertained by toys unless your play with her but she loves bones. I normally never let her keep them when she’s alone though so she doesn’t try to be possessive. Sometimes she’ll get out but she always come back in a few minutes after getting her little walk around the neighborhood, occasionally I’ll find her out of nowhere going on walks with other people and their dogs. She like to be very clean and although she isn’t necessarily house trained she won’t have accidents cause she doesn’t like to poo or pee anywhere but outside. It might take her a bit to get used to going into a new house but she gets adjusted quickly and I know a fenced in yard with a cozy dog house is her heaven. She also has no problem sleeping in a kennel in the house at night as long as she has a big cozy blanket. She has a beautiful coat of fur and is silky smooth but during winter and summer she does shed a bit. Sometimes she has allergies and licks her paws but with a proper diet she is off to the races. Car rides are off and on and she prefers to stay home cause she can get a bit queasy. She knows all of the commands but she can be a bit of a diva and ignore you but all in all she is a wonderful companion and has been there for me through thick and thin and I love her to death.
Bella a almost 2yo Dachshund/Shih Tzu Mix
Bella was also rescued from an irresponsible breeder and was flea and worm ridden when I got her. She has definitely grown to be quite the personality with insane energy and loves to run around. We were still working on getting the potty training down but she uses a crate with a puppy pad in it to go. Sometimes she does have accidents but rarely. She loves loves looooves playing with her toys and will even play fetch (something sadie despises lol). She isn’t very good with cats only cause she likes to chase them but would never hurt them. She does calm down once she’s comfortable and gets used to everyone. There isn’t a bad bone in her body and she’s a goofy little mess. She will eat literally any kind of food she’s given probably the least picky dog ever and peanut butter on broccoli is a much loved snack for both her and Sadie. Bella hates being crated up she likes to be out and about exploring and spending time with Sadie and the family and at night she loves to sleep in bed with me sprawling out at my feet (and sometimes on my chest). I guess you could say she’s a little bit of a princess. She loves car rides and is good for hours she’ll look out the window or lay on the seat and watch you or just fall asleep. She’s overall an energetic little cutie that loves everyone.
Together Bella and Sadie even each other out and love their time together as sisters. They play and snuggle and love to get treats (as long as they both get them they can get a bit jealous). They’re both angles with their own personalities and quirks but all they bring is fun and laughter. They are my best friends and I want them to have a loving place to stay while I sort out my own living situation. I really hope to find an amazing foster family that can take them in, I am happy to supply all of their food, go out and buy them treats, take them for grooming and vet visits and anything else needed financially. I just can’t give them a home right now and it breaks my heart. I hope I was able to convey my love for them and I hope you can love them just as much!

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