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a picture of Batman a dog that needs a foster home.

Location: McDonough, GA

Posted on: 12/1/2022

Posted by: Individual

Batman urgently needs a foster home

Why is fostering needed?

I know of a dog that may be euthanized on Dec. 9, when his 10 days (for rabies observation) at Henry County Animal Shelter are up,
because he is currently homeless and his owner (who does want him back when he is out of the hospital) can not pick him up until
mid-January. This dog, Batman, needs short term care for 5-7 weeks, and then he will have his owner and home back.
Batman’s owner is Aaron Thomas and he is currently a patient at Univ. of Alabama hospital. Aaron had heart
transplant surgery on 11-21-22. He was transferred from St. Josephs in Atlanta to Alabama for his health insurance.
He may be allowed this weekend or next to leave the hospital and stay in a hotel that is 5 mins. from the hospital.
He still has to go to the hospital almost daily and have treatment and procedures for at least 6 more weeks. Then he may be
allowed to go home. Then he could claim his dog and provide for him.
We got involved in Batman’s life on Sunday 11-20 when he showed up on our driveway, with no collar or tags. Our 5 dogs barked and
we kept them in the house or backyard. Batman is chubby so we figured he had a home and was lost. He is Brindl brown, medium size.
Batman came out of our bushes Monday morning. We gave him dry food and water. He came out of our bushes again Tuesday morning.
I was able to get a leash over his head, he jumped into the car seat, and we took
him to the vet. He has a chip # 985112007729679. Vet called chip company-not up to date. Called Pet Links, got a #, called and not owner.
They called us the next day to say they had found the owner and gave us his cell#. We called and found out he was in the hospital after
a heart transplant. He did not know that Batman was lost–or found. Batman is about 6-7 years old. We said we would try to keep Batman
while he looked for a family or friend to care for him. We could keep him in our front yard fence and on the front porch.
We made a tent-cave with a blanket and had a dog bed for him in the corner of porch by the front door. Batman had had a rabies vaccine
about 2-3 years ago at a vet in Savannah, where Aaron was living then.
Aaron had said Batman was used to being an only dog and did not get along with other dogs, so we kept him apart from our dogs.
We could keep our dogs in the backyard fence and indoors. There was a gate separating front and back yard fences.
At first Batman was calm and let us give him dog treats and touch the top of his head and talk to him. Then he tried to bite my husband
when he was giving him a treat. I gave Batman his can of dog food at suppertime, filled his water and dry food bowls, and he was okay.
When i tried to put a blanket on top of his dog bed he growled at me, so i left. Then on Tuesday 11-29 he bit me. While he was eating I was
clipping a tarp on top of his blanket cave, as it was going to rain that night. He ran in the tent, jumped and snapped at my hands, I moved
to the side and he came out and bit my fingers on my left hand. He drew blood in about 5 puncture marks. He was lunging at me again so I
pulled the storm door open between us and got inside the front door. I called Aaron. He was very understanding and said to do what i had
to do to protect my family. I looked up Henry county Animal Control and called them Wed. morning. I was concerned that Batman may have rabies, as he had been becoming more aggressive towards us. He was very scared and felt threatened. They arrived about 10:00 a.m. to pick him up for 10 day
rabies observation. Batman was growling and snapping as they restrained him and put him in truck. I explained his owner could not pick him up in 10 days. They said he might be euthanized. I filed the bite report and am hoping that they say in 10 days that Batman doesn’t have rabies.
Aaron said he had been in and out of the hospital for the past 2 months and was diagnosed with heart failure in 2018. He had been moved to the
top of the transplant list. His parents were with him. His parents’ dog was staying with an aunt. Batman was staying at the parents’ home (near us
in Henry county) with access to the house and yard and food and water. Somehow–some time–he escaped. Before he showed up at our house he
lost his collar and tags. He could have had an encounter with a wild animal during that time too (rabid?). Aaron said his dad doesn’t like Batman and his
mother was okay with him as far as care. Aaron was not living at home before his heart trouble got worse a few months ago.
Poor Batman is a victim of circumstances and frightened and homeless and helpless. Can your shelter take him in for 1-2 months until Aaron
is well enough and can reclaim him.
This is Tom and Pam Cox at tomnpam72@gmail.com or 770-757-5970. We would be willing to help out $ to provide his food and care for a couple of months if you will take him in. It is not fair that he might be euthanized. Please call Aaron 678-373-7979 if you need to.
Or call Henry County Animal Control at 770-288-7387.
Thanks for reading this epistle and looking out for a lost dog, pam n tom cox

How long is fostering needed for?

A few weeks

Other notes

This frightened dog Batman is alone and feeling threatened. He is homeless until his owner gets out of hospital in mid-January, after recovering from heart transplant surgery. Batman escaped from the fence where he was meant to stay during the hospitalization, and can’t go back there to be alone. He is scared and very anxious. He was an indoor only dog before his owner’s hospitalization. Owner Aaron is available by cell phone.

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