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Amoura and Bella

a picture of Amoura and Bella  a dog that needs a foster home.

Location: Lake Oswego, OR

Posted on: 8/9/2023

Posted by: Individual

Amoura and Bella urgently needs a foster home

Why is fostering needed?

Currently in the hospital due to necrotic pancreatitis, need to recover and get my own place again

How long is fostering needed for?

Long term

Other notes

German Shepherd/Husky mix: Her name is Amoura. She is almost 5 years old. Super sweet and cuddly. Loves to play tug of war, and fetch with a ball, because of her husky; she is a vocal player. Meaning she slightly grumbles when she plays. She’s potty trained, will wine to let you know if she needs something; food, water, or to go out potty. She is also kennel trained as well. Meaning, she will not potty in her kennel if left in it. She will wine sometimes but will settle down when asked. However, because of her smarts of her German Shepard, she can break out of kennels. So if using a wired kennel, you may need carabiner clips to secure its hold. She may bark if left in the kennel home alone. She does occasionally get toy aggressive if she really wants to play with it alone. She is not aggressive however. She is just vocal. She does well in car rides. She does great getting bathed and nails clipped. She’s good with other dogs, not sure about cats as I do not have any. She is also very good with children.

Small Black Lab/possible pitty mix(have not DNA tested): Her name is Bella. She is roughly 2 years old. The sweetest, gentlest, most precious little girl around. Beyond such a cuddle bug!!! Think she’s a lap dog 🥰 She’s super playful and because she still young, has more energy than her slightly older sister. She is also potty trained, she will let you know by walking towards the door, and doesn’t wine unless she wants food or water. She does really well in the kennel. Will not break out on her own. 😅 She does sometimes get food aggressive if fed together and the other dog doesn’t share. But normally behaves like a princess. She too also does incredibly well with car rides, getting bathed and having her nails trimmed. She’s adorable with other dogs, not sure about cats as I don’t have any. She is fabulous with children as well.

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