Our Vision

We believe there is a foster hero in every neighborhood

Shelters try to find homes for pets they receive, but many become overcrowded. They are forced to euthanize pets in their care simply because of space, timing or age.

911fosterpets empowers foster heroes to save the day:

  • We provide shelters with the tools they need to manage foster programs and volunteers.
  • Prospective foster parents can see at-risk pets that fit their lifestyle and sign up for new pet alerts
  • We keep pets from entering the shelter by keeping families together through peer-to-peer fostering.

Founded by Petfinder's Betsy Banks Saul, pioneer of online animal adoption, 911fosterpets connects foster heroes with thousands of pets in need, before it's too late.


Why Choose Us?

Our team has years of commitment and insight into shelter collaboration.

We pioneered virtual pet advocacy and pet-centric online communities. We are a social profit company that values transparency, collaboration, and the power of open data. Our partners include private foundations, 501(c)3 non-profit organizations, innovative start-ups, and industry leaders. Our team also created the Animal Emergency Response Network, the first and largest database of its kind, to help reunite victims of Hurricane Katrina and their pets. The AERN has also been used for Animal Planet's pet video, PetsIncredible training videos, Rescuefoster.com, BISSELL's shelter purchasing platform, and Heal House Call Veterinarians.

Our Opportunity

Peer-to-peer fostering can be the tool that stems the tide of pets entering shelters.

By supporting fostering we make animal welfare a shared community enterprise that nurtures healthier adoptable pets, facilitates more informed adopters, provides relief to shelters, and allows us to provide support for pets in need. Our "small, but mighty" approach allows advocates to self-identify, and be empowered through innovation and partnership. 911fosterpets enriches the shelter experience for staff, volunteers, and homeless pets. For pet parents and pets in temporary crisis, fostering can save the day. Over 100,000 pets are currently at risk and need your help.

Tools for Shelters

Our tools include foster program management with checkin-ins via
text or email, custom alerts for the community, and easy sharing on
social media and adoption engines.

Fosters Unite

15,000 volunteers across the country have already raised their hand to help connect foster heroes to at risk pets in their community. These volunteers see over twenty animals in need per visit.


Neighbors helping neighbors. Sometimes folks need temporary help caring for their pet. By working together, we can help keep pets connected to their families.

Ready to help animals in need?